Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Product Review: Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast

I was recently given Cover Girl's Smoky Shadow Blast in Bronze Fire by Ms BlushPretty. The idea is that you can do a smoky eye in two steps. Step One: apply the shadow over your eyelid and Step Two: line your eyes, blend and then re-line. Yes, it's that simple!!! I did a quick application in front of Ms BlushPretty and was quite impressed with the outcome. I told her that I was going to bring it on vacation because it's one item with dual purpose (shadow and line).

The next day I applied it and while it looked great when I left the house, it didn't look the same when I got to work. With the hot weather, my smoky eye smudged and drizzle down and around my eye. Not ideal for a beach vacation, I thought. Maybe if I apply some setting powder, it may stay on longer but it's definitely not coming with me on my vacation.

| blarkness rating: 3.5 out of 5 - I give it points for the simplicity of creating a smoky eye with one product but I took away points because it's very creamy and not enough staying power |

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tris1978ton said...

I have also heard so-so reviews about this product. It would be nice to create smokey eyes in such simple steps. But some things just takes time. Nice colors though!