Thursday, June 10, 2010

Product Review: Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner

I was very excited when I read about this new product from Stila. This waterproof liner claims that if you are "Obsessed for Smudge Pots? You'll go crazy for Smudge Sticks!". The mere mention of Smudge Pots made me think that I have to have this new eyeliner. The thought of bringing only a liner instead of the pot and a brush on vacation, made me rush to the nearest Sephora to pick up one in Stingray (black). Square One was out of stock and let me tell you about my experience at the Yorkdale location.

All the smudge sticks are on the top shelf of the Stila counter display. My BFF and I noticed that there was only Blue Ribbon (navy grey), Moray (olive with shimmer), Purple Tang (purple with shimmer), Koi (gold) and Peacock (cobalt blue). There was no sign of Stingray anywhere.  We asked an sales associate at the front of the store if they had any more (usually they keep stock in the drawers underneath - we were tempted to check ourselves but didn't want to get caught), she replied, "No, we don't". We went to find another sales associate and asked again if there were more Stingray liners. She ACTUALLY went to check and lo and behold, there were two left in the drawer below.  My BFF and I made a point to tell on the sales associate from before that she said there was no more left. I seriously hope she got in trouble.

Anyway, after all that fuss...I don't even like the liner. It is nothing like the smudge pots. Sure, I know that it's suppose to smudge and be waterproof and have staying power. Sure, it glides on nicely but dammit, why did I look like a crack whore two hours after I put it on. My top lid was fine but when I lined below my eye, it appeared fine but then smudged and ran all over the place.  With the smudge pots, which are gel based, it would glide on smooth and stay in tact all day. I totally believe I wasted my money. Smudge pots are my favorite and I don't think I can ever replace it even if it means that I have to use/bring a brush with me to use it.

| blarkness rating: 2 out of 5 - one point for the nice shimmer shades and one point for the ease of using a stick and the way it glides on smoothly when applied |

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lisa said...

Yikes, I'm sorry to hear that this product was such a disappointment after all the hype.