Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello! My name is...

I have been invited to a tweetup dinner organized by the lovely, Lisa from The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa last week at the Thompson Hotel lobby bar. It was by fluke we both happened to be there. She tweeted about going for dinner at Scarpetta and I was having a drink with Mr. Dee so I tweeted her back that I was sitting at the bar. Just yesterday, she invited me to dinner at Origin with several other ladies on Twitter. I debated about accepting the invitation for about an hour because I was nervous...what am I going to talk about over dinner with these ladies whom I have never met before, or even tweeted with?

I spoke to my hubby about it. I told him all the details and he encouraged me to go. He said that I should get out there and meet people because lately, I don't really talk when at social gatherings, I just fade into the background.

He actually confirmed what I had been feeling about myself for the last two years. I wasn't always a wallflower. I loved to be in deep conversations with people, I loved to tell my stories and have a good chuckle over good food. And then, it happened. I went through devastating experience in my life that made me not want to be social, I wanted to just hide and let others do the talking while I listened. I no longer wanted to go out in group settings because I had no energy to make conversation. I dreaded having to sit and mingle with people. I thought I was crazy to be feeling this way because it's not me. I use to love socializing and talking up a storm. I noticed this change about me but I figured that no one else would notice.  Now that my hubby has noticed and confirmed it, I want to be the person I was before. I am happy that he is pushing me to get out there, be social and meet new people. I can't hide behind my blog or twitter or even my husband, I should be out there, living life, meeting interesting people because if there is one lesson I learned over the last two years is that LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

So, I accepted the invitation from Lisa and decided it's time break out of my comfort zone, break out of my shell and be the person I use to be. Maybe I will get my confidence back and maybe, just maybe, good things will happen for me.  Thank you Lisa for the oppportunity to meet these lovely twitter ladies and thanks to my husband for pointing out my anti-socialness (is this a word?) and forcing me back into the social networking world.


Steph I said...

I've been thinking the same thing about myself lately, that something has shifted and now I'm even nervous to be in social situations with certain people. Mostly those that I have a relationship with, but not a really close and defined one, such as coworkers! I'm trying to change that now, and am attempting to venture out without my usual security blankets.

Wow! Good for you for stretching your comfort level. I'm sure you'll have a great time meeting strangers and hopefully making new friends out of them. Can't wait to hear all about your tweetup dinner.

Marz said...

I think it's so wonderful to have such a supportive and encouraging husband! It's very hard to step out of that comfort zone - what you said is exactly how I feel a lot these days. I use to be so social while in college, always could make a friend with a stranger almost instantly (I was voted forever friendly in high school). But now I find myself completely the way you have described. It's gotten worse since Micaela left. She was a "security blanket" to me in any social situation. This weekend while I'm in Tampa, I'm going to take the plunge for my first "blog" meet up. I'm really excited, but really nervous at the same time as you can imagine! Wish me luck! (BTW sorry about the novel comment! It's ironic that I'm talking about being socially awkard sometimes and here I am rambling on! hahaha but like you said, it's easy to hide behind your blog)

Angie said...

Yay!! Sounds like a lot of fun... and how awesome to meet, mingle and have fun conversation with new people. New people are great. Can't believe you got a chance to get to the Thompson... still haven't gone!!! How was it?