Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Confessions

Let's say I start a new series where at the end of each month, I make some confessions.

I think Brian Austin Green is hot! I never gave David Silver a second look on Beverly Hills, 90210 because he was too geeky for my liking.

I can no longer eat red meat. It makes me gag. Hold on, let me explain. I went on a overnight stay in Niagara Falls with my mom and we ate Brasa, the Brazilian steakhouse in the Hilton Niagara hotel. I wasn't able to digest all the meat I ate. I then got violently ill.

Ke$ha's song, Tik Tok makes me want to jump up and down and dance.

I hate black licorice but I am starting to love Sambuca, but only as a shot.

Although I really want to do something with my life, I am too nervous to make a change, too lazy to do something about it and too scared to make choices. What is wrong with me?

I feel like I have lost some of my self-confidence because of an eye issue I have. I want to get it fixed so that I don't have to worry so much about how I look to other people when I am in a conversation. It can be fixed, I just have to book the surgery. (See the above confession). I'm going to do it...I need my confidence back!


Steph I said...

Great idea for a series! One thing though – I know that the last point is probably not one you want to focus on, but what issue are you so self-conscious about? I have honestly NOT noticed a thing!

Anonymous said...

the last two seasons of 90210 - when brian austin green was with vanessa marcil in that show - the HOTNESS all of a sudden came out. he was a awful when in the earlier seasons :) i HATE licorice. tastes like the medicine i hated back when i was little. nothing is wrong with you - everyone gets scared, not all people are excited about change, but YOU CAN DO IT! :)