Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie Reviews: Eclipse and Despicable Me 3D

For the first time, I didn't watch the third installment of The Twilight Saga on opening day. I had plans with my mom on the 30th and I am sure she wasn't interested in watching it with me. Instead, I watched Eclipse  a couple of days later with Maureen. This movie was good but I wasn't in love with it as I was with Twilight. I mean, for Twilight, I saw it four times in the theatre. Here's what I liked about the movie:
  1. RILEY - Vampire HOTness. If you were able to catch the Jimmy Kimmel special, Total Eclipse of the Heart, you would have noticed that Xavier Samuel is quite the charmer.
  2. ROSALIE - She's still not as pretty as she should be according to the book but she looks much better. I just don't get why have her have such dark eyebrows and blond hair. I would really be okay with it if she was a brunette.
  3. The back stories of Jasper and Rosalie, but when do they do Alice's back story (maybe they did it already and I missed it)
  4. Jacob's line - I'm hotter than you!
  5. As much as I don't want to admit it - Jacob's body.
I know there's more about the movie that I liked but it's been almost three weeks since I have seen it and I can't remember but here's what I didn't like about the movie:

  1. Taylor Lautner's cheesy acting or maybe it's his lines, I don't know but I cringe whenever words come out of his mouth. Maybe Jacob's cheesy in the book and I just don't remember but could it be TL may just be a really bad actor or he is playing a really cheeseball character.
  2. Very little action. I was expecting a bigger battle.
  3. Edward's sideburns. Is it really necessary to have such THICK sideburns. Are those even real?
Since I can't remember a lot about the movie, I think I need to watch it again. Maybe this time, I will watch it with Mike.

My first 3D movie, Despicable Me. What a cute movie and funny too! I love the little minions and Gru's accent kept me laughing in my seat throughout the entire movie. Agnes, the little girl is adorable and sweet. I know it's a kids movie but I think that adults will love it too. It's got a real heartwarming ending that could even bring a tear to some of the male audience.


Anonymous said...

I just watched Eclipse last weekend and it seems we have opposing opinions: I think Rob Pattinson is a TERRIBLE actor and I figured out why he annoys me so much: he tries too hard to be intense, melodramatic, brooding... he just tries way too hard and you can tell. I guess it's the same way you feel about TL. Let's not even talk about KT because she's just plain awful. I am so tired of her brooding, moody, oblivious personality that she's trying to convey because it's boring and seriously, JUST KILL HER CHARACTER OFF PLEASE.

I think this movie could have been about 45mins if you cut out all the BS (Edward/Bella scenes) and left all the Jacob/fight scenes.

I am also going to write to the author and tell her that she totally wasted her time writing about the short-lived life of Bree (who the eff cares) when she should've focused on Jasper during his pre-Cullen years because Jasper is just so freaking cool and mysterious.

I sooo want to see Despicable Me - heard it was amazing.

lisa said...

I saw Eclipse last night. It's strange because you can see how the budget gets bigger with every money and where those dollars go--better CG! More realistic wolf fur! Definitely agree with #2,4, and 5 on your list of likes for Eclipse. And ohmigosh Despicable Me looks adorable. I want to see it for the cuteness factor alone.