Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Overstuffed bag

 Adaiah, Lyn, Janet and me

On Sunday, I attended Janet's bridal shower with the two lovely ladies from the East side. I swear, I have been to so many bridal/wedding showers that I usually end up winning at least one prize. And at this shower, I did win...I won the What's in your purse game. The way the game works is that you are awarded a certain number of points for certain items in your bag. I got 181 points. This has to be an indication that I have way too much junk in my bag or I carry everything possible. I am quite embarrassed. Take a look at how I scored:
  • 3 points for lip gloss (one point for tube of lip gloss or lipstick)
  • 3 points for gum
  • 5 points for keys (one point for each)
  • 36 points for a picture of yourself (12 points for each - expired driver's license, health card and passport)
  • 7 points for kleenex
  • 5 points for nail file
  • 5 points for Advil
  • 5 points for sunglasses
  • 3 points for cell phone
  • 15 points for USB drive
  • 7 points for lotion
  • 5 points for mirror
  • 1 point for brush
  • 6 points (one point for each nickel)
  • 5 points for feminine products
  • 7 points for bandaids
  • 3 points for snacks
  • 20 points for passport
  • 6 points for pens (one point for each pen)
  • 3 points for mints
  • 7 points for hair clip
  • 1 point for credit card (one point for each card)
  • 15 points for energy bar
  • 3 points for receipts
  • 5 points for someone else's business card
Take a look inside my bag...

Lyn, who has as much junk in her bag as I do, has a purse organizer in her bag. We couldn't stop laughing at the fact she has one but her bag is still a disaster inside. Oh Lyn...I am glad that this game forced you to clean out your bag.

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lisa said...

Wow! Props to you for being able to carry so much in your bag. I'd probably give myself a hernia if I did this lol.