Sunday, July 25, 2010

Product Review: Bioderma Sensibio H2O

I first read about this product, Sensibio H2O on the BlushPretty website. I am a big fan of a no-fuss cleansing routine and products that make my life easier. Even though I totally trust any recommendations from Stephanie, I had a hard time justifying paying $30 for a bottle that I wasn't sure would even work with my skin. I decided to hold off on buying it...

...until I came across at Rexall a special offer from Bioderma. They are selling a travel kit for $6.95 with product to cleanse, treat and maintain your face. What sold me on this kit was the 100 ml bottle of Sensibio H2O (bonus - airport security friendly) that I could test out and also use when I travel. The other two products, I could care less about: Sensibio AR to diminish redness and Sensibio Light to protects and soothes your skin. Another bonus is the coupon at the bottom of the box for $5 off the purchase of any Bioderma product of $22 or more. You know I am going to be buying the full size bottle of Sensibio H2O. I highly suggest you head over to your nearest Rexall and pick up one of the kits for either sensitive skin or oily/combination skin.

On Friday night, I was in a rush to get ready to go out. I wanted to remove my makeup from earlier in the day and thought the timing was right for me to test out this product. I put some of the H2O on a cotton pad and began to remove the remnants of my makeup from the morning. To my surprise it took off everything and didn't leave my face dry and tight. You only have to use very little and it takes you a long way. I wasn't wearing my usual mascara that day so the true test will be if it can take off my stubborn waterproof mascara. I truly believe this will be a great product to bring on my next vacation.

| blarkness rating: 5 out of 5 |

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Keyta Hawkins said...

Thats such a great value for that kit! I wish they sold these in the UK!
- Keyta x