Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Snack time!!!!

I was telling my BFF that I wanted some type of container that I stack up and keep all my snacks in. I also told her the only one I know of is a toddler one. The other day when we were in Pistachio, we saw the above container. It was perfect and just what I needed. I know it's really meant for formula but I think it will be great to take on vacation. With four compartments, I will have one for almonds, one for jelly bellies, one for cereal and one for Malteasers! Just this morning I found a new use for it. I only used the top two and put granola on the top and yogurt in the bottom. I can't wait to eat my morning snack!


Anonymous said...

How cute!
I want something like that myself! :)

Btw, nice blog!

Steph I said...

Brilliant! You're so resourceful!

Margarita said...

That is so so cute! And bonus: when you have a kid you'll be set ;)