Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance

Season 7 contestants

I have a new love and yes I know, I am behind in the times. Most of my friends, especially Maureen are huge fans of SYTYCD. I have no idea why I never watched the show from the first season seeing that I am an addict to dance movies. So, I finally jumped on the bandwagon when I found out D-Trix from Quest Crew (my other love) was going to be on the show as an all-star. There are though, a few other all-stars I am familiar with and also like - tWitch, Mark and Lauren.

Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval

As sad as this sounds, I have "tweet" dates with random twitters when the show is on. We tweet about how awesome the routines are and who are favorite contestants are. One tweeter asked me how I am liking the new format and I told her that I love it but I have nothing to compare it to since I haven't seen any of the other seasons. Another tweeter said to me that it was a good season to start watching because the new format is very different and exciting.  I honestly can't get enough of the show and all the amazing talent there is to watch. Now to answer the question that everyone asks, " Who are your favorites?" - well, I decided that I am going to pick one female and one male.

Lauren is an all-around verstile dancer. Each week she brings it and does better than the week before.

Kent  has a smile that makes you smile and just has so much personality. He is so fun to watch and so very talented.

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kaileenelise said...

i have really enjoyed our tweet dates!! thanks for always giving me a sneak peak on each night's episode :) xo, kaileenelise