Friday, July 30, 2010

Zac Efron and movies

With Charlie St. Cloud opening this weekend, I am quite excited to see my new found crush (here's another photo) in a movie that is more on the serious tip, no more High School Musical (although I would have loved to see him in the remake of Footloose, but Kenny Wormald will do).

What's also exciting is the thought of merging two of my favorites into a movie. Zac Efron + Nicholas Sparks = The Lucky One (the movie). This would be awesome! I am keeping my fingers crossed.

UPDATE: This movie sucks! Big time! I saw it with my hubby and halfway through, he whispers in my ear, "Is it me or does this movie suck?" I ignored him, hoping that the movie would get never did. The trailer made it seem like a tear-jerker but I did not shed one tear. PLEASE wait for it to come out on DVD, better yet, wait until it's shown on TV. I feel bad for Zac Efron because he wanted to get out of the stereotype of a dance/song character, in the end, maybe he should have signed on to do the remake of Footloose.

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Marz said...

I didn't know Zac was cast in the Lucky Ones!! That makes me excited beyond belief!! Like you - I absolutely love that combination! I think the Lucky One is one of my favourite books of Nicholas Sparks! I haven't liked his newer stuff as much as his older stuff (I loved A Bend in the Road - have you read that one?) but I did love this book!