Friday, August 13, 2010

Bringing Blog Friend Friday back

Back in May, I went on hiatus with my series, Blog Friend Friday. I actually ran out of blogs to feature. Now with summer quickly coming to an end, I will be bringing back my BFF series on Friday, September 3rd. I have discovered many new blogs over the summer and I am hoping that the bloggers will be interested in participating and being featured on my blog (not that I have many readers but I am slowly gaining new follwers - thanks guys!).

So stay tuned! I do have one question though, should I use the same questions as last time or change them up? If you have some time, please participate in the poll on the left sidebar. Thank you.

Update: Thank you for taking my poll about if I should keep the same questions or change it up. Also, thanks to those who left a comment with their feedback. I decided to keep half of the questions the same and then change up the other five. Everyone wins! I have sent out the questions to the new blogs I have been following. Stayed tuned for BFF in the upcoming weeks.


Marz said...

How fun! :) I think the same questions would be okay because you picked some really good ones to get to know someone. Sometimes I can know a lot about a blog friend, even some really deep stuff, but not know the simple things - like what they do for a living etc. But either way, old or different questions, will be fun! :)

I look forward to your BFF series! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the idea, it sounds fun!
I also like your previous questions!

lisa said...

Yay for Blog Friend Fridays! You previous questions were great as is, but if you want to change things up a bit I'm sure that would be terrific too.