Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dozo Sushi

I recently discover a new blog because of a tweet up I attended. Chronicles of a Food Junkie is now a favorite blog of mine. Most of my friends know that I love to take photos of almost everything I eat - whether it be at home, at a restaurant or even while on vacation - yes, I love to eat. But these days, I am seriously trying to watch what I eat and avoiding foods that I know will not agree with my stomach.  After scrolling through many posts on this new found blog and salivating at all of the photos, I came across a post on Dozo Sushi + Sake Bar. This restaurant is near my husband's work and my BFF's house, so it made it really convenient when the time came to choose a place to have dinner.

I don't know about you, but I MUST look at the menu before eating at a restaurant. I like to make a decision on what I want to eat before even arriving at the place. I don't want to be sitting at the table being indecisive and making people wait while I think about what I really want to try. After reading Food Junkie's post and seeing what she ate, I knew I had to try the Salmon soy paper roll. I had eaten something similar at Coast in Vancouver - Fish and Chips hand roll.

The decor of Dozo is hip, modern and very purple. The banquette seating is very comfy and the cutlery/dinnerware is more formal than what you use to seeing at sushi restaurants. Although Dozo is in the mecca of Asian restaurants, it's very classy unlike the usually cheap ghetto sushi joints.

Since I have been eating light, I decided on only eating the salmon soy paper roll, a side order of salmon sashimi and deep fried tofu. My hubby ordered the eight course dinner, that's right, you heard me correctly, eight course sashimi dinner...more on this later. My BFF had spicy makimono and shrimp tempura udon soup; and her hubby had trio of makimono and beef teriyaki with egg on rice. They both enjoyed their makimonos, actually they raved about it.

salmon soy paper roll (4.95)

side order of salmon sashimi (3.95)

deep fried tofu (5.95)

Before I end this post, let me describe to you the eight course dinner my hubby ordered. For $24.95, I think this is an awesome deal. They have a huge selection for main entrées like miso black cod, chicken tekiyaki, sushi combination platter, lobster platter, etc and the price for the eight course dinner ranges from $19.95 to $38.95.  Here's what you get (let's see if I can remember it all correctly:
  1. soup
  2. salad
  3. mango roll
  4. shrimp and mango shooter
  5. beef short ribs and octupus balls
  6. main entrée - hubby choose the sashimi dinner
  7. dessert - your choice of creme brulée or tempura green tea ice cream
  8. drink - your choice calpis in strawberry, green apple or peach (it's basically bubble tea but without the bubbles)
Mango roll and shrimp and mango shooter

 15 piece sashimi dinner

Overall, we had an amazing dining experience. Our server, Frankie was amusing and the manager did come by our table to check on how everything was going. I highly recommend this restaurant. It's not at all busy and our total bill for the four of us was $98 including taxes (this also included one Sapporo and japanese tea, yes, they charge you $2 for unlimited tea).


Steph I said...

Wow! What a great post. Love the mouth-watering pictures. I'll have to try it the next time we are on that side of town.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that all looks yummy!
I also like to check out menus before I go over to the restaurant if it's possible. :)

Marz said...

I love looking at food pictures! You always have the best pics too. The food at Dozo is so pretty! I use to love sushi and I miss it. I miss it because I had to give it up after getting horribly sick after eating it one night years ago. Once I have a bad experience like that I swear it off. But if I ever was able to go to Dozo I think I just might make an exception! :)

Your hubby is a champ - an 8 course sashimi dinner! I couldn't believe the deal though! That's pretty amazing!

The Food Junkie said...

I agree with Steph, great post! I also want to try that 8-course meal now :) and what you guys paid for that dinner is a really good deal. MUST GO BACK SOON ^_^ thanks for mentioning me in u r post!!!