Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eventful weekend

This may be a really long post. I have included some photos from the weekend, some were taken with a camera and some with my iPhone. It's been a crazy weekend and although I am glad it's over, part of me wishes it wasn't because A) it sucks being back at work and B) I said my goodbyes to my mom and she is leaving in four hours.

FRIDAY MORNING. So much for sleeping in on my day off. My mom and SD (stepdad) picked me up at 9:15 am to go to my mom's work to pack up her personal stuff and attend her little goodbye party. Well, it wasn't a little party, there was more than 40 people there. I should have taken more pictures with my iPhone but I was embarrassed to be there so I don't want to draw any attention to myself. I met a bunch of my mom's co-workers who were all going to be at her retirement party later in the evening. Some familiar, some new, some old, some young and some definite hot ones! We then went for lunch with the committee of her retirement party. Good old SD was so generous to have paid for everyone's lunch. We were quite shocked. I went back home and straight to the gym. I worked out HARD!!! So hard that I couldn't move my legs or even lift up my arms. Big mistake.

Yum, cake!

FRIDAY NIGHT. My hubby came home early and we got to the retirement party close to 7:00 pm. There was already tons of people there but nothing compared to the amount that showed up after 9:00 pm. Speeches were made, tears flowed, dancing started and food was consumed. It was good times, so good that I didn't leave until close to 2 am! Even the hubby left early beacuse it was a long night for him. My mom did a great job with her speech, she was actually able to get it all out as oppose to earlier in the day at her work. She couldn't even get out a thank you. She easily broke down into tears and just gave up. There was an official photographer at the party and as soon as I get some of the photos, I will definitely post up more. I met some great people that night and it's just too bad that I will never see them again now that my mom has moved. If you have ever been to one of my mom's parties, you know that they are crazy and so many people come out to them. The last party that sticks out is her 50th party. She was dancing on the tables by the end of the night and mind you, she is SOBER, that's alcohol consumption. Now at her retirement party, we did see her dance on a table for a bit (until the bartender told her to come down after the song was over). The planning committee did a wonderful job putting the party together for my mom. She is well loved and will certainly be missed (you could tell by all the entries in her guestbook).

I'm standing at the back while speeches were said.
This photo doesn't even show the amount of people
who are standing at the back with me.


Sandra & Mike

SATURDAY (aka Wedding #1). Mike is a friend of my brother's and it was very nice of him to invite me, my mom and SD. Waking up for the ceremony was tough because of the late night drinking. I hate to admit it but there were times when I nodded off during the ceremony. The reception at The Royalton later that night was beautiful. Such a pretty hall but it also has to do with the way it was set up and decorated. Since my hubby couldn't make it, I had a date for the night whose name is also Mike. It totally made my life easier. There was no way I could call him by the wrong name. He was an awesome date. We drank and danced the night away. If my feet didn't hurt from the new heels I was wearing, I could have fully enjoyed myself. I had great conversations with my brother's friend while chilling outside and gorged at the seafood buffet. We also did tons of shots of Sambuca and Soho. I was even called a classy lady because I drank my beer out of a glass (people, we are at a wedding all dressed up, not in a bar, so of course I will drink from a glass!).  Congrats to Sandra & Mike!!! They are one beautiful couple.

me and my mom

Beautiful wedding cake

flowers on the table
first dance


first dance

SUNDAY (aka Wedding #2). After the wedding from night before and my feet killing me with the new heels, I had to go out and buy a new dress to go with the other new heels I bought. Luckily, I found a cute strapless colorblock dress in beige, green and yellow. Hubby and I made our way to the ceremony at Crystal Foundations. We were joined shortly by some other friends. The ceremony was over in 15 minutes. We had no idea that the cocktail reception and dinner would not start until 5:30 pm. What to do for 90 minutes??? Hmmm...

-- Let's longboard with a suit on in the parking lot!!! Did it turn into a disaster? Hell yes! Hubby's pants split right in the middle, along with rips and tears on the pant legs. He also ripped his underwear and his socks looked like a dog ate them. Read more about it here. What a fun mission after to find him something else to wear. All of us were laughing about it throughout the entire night. Even wedding guests were coming up to him asking if he was the guy who ripped his pants longboarding. No one will ever forget this incident. --

Back to the wedding. Congrats to Chris and Janet!!! Sorry that we had to leave early but hubby's cuts and bruises were beginning to hurt and I was exhausted from the two nights of partying.

MONDAY. Day of rest. I did nothing but sleep on and off. Dinner later on with hubby, mom, SD and the Decaire family.

TUESDAY. One more day of rest. Dentist. One last visit with my mom. Charlie St. Cloud (the movie sucks, don't watch it).

As you can read, it was a crazy but eventful weekend. It was all worth it but I am looking forward to a weekend of nothing. One last thing...17 days until Jamaica!!!!

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Marz said...

Your mom seems like such an amazing woman! She seems so nice and just the life of any party (I want to go to one of your mom's parties!!! they sound like so much fun!) How nice to see how much she means to so many people. It's nice to have the guestbook to treasure. You can def tell how well loved she is by the outpour of love at her retirement. I love the photo of the two of you at the wedding - you are so beautiful! I love your dresses!

Oh man I'm so disappointed that Charlie St. Cloud sucked - I was so looking forward to seeing it with my bff! We went and saw "Ramona and Beezus" last weekend and I loved it. It's such a cute movie!