Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guest post: Happy 29th birthday, Gino!

Today is my brother's birthday. I am actually on vacation so I guess we can call this post a guest post written by my mom. This intro is written by me and the photo is one that was taken at my friend Carmen's wedding back in October 2006. My mom has always been one to write poems but when my brother passed away, she made it a tradition to write one every month on the 29th or on his birthday. My mom is very sweet to offer up her poem for Gino on his 29th birthday to be posted on my blog since she knew I wouldn't be around to write one up. Thank you Mom!

How can I celebrate your birthday without you being here
Somehow I have to get this poem to a friend who lives near
I know we are all missing you because you are one so dear
We hope you are having fun even if it’s only with one beer.

Now that I can’t visit you any day and every Sunday morning
I just have to remember and listen if you are singing
The new journey took me away from you and I am hurting
But like anything else in life, I have to go on and keep on living.

Today will always be a very special day for me to remember
Because it was the day you brought happiness to your sister
All the memories we have will stay in our hearts forever
Happy birthday my son, love mom, I will forget you never.


The Food Junkie said...

A very lovely and sweet poem by your Mom.

Nikolett said...

This is so touching ... and your mom is amazing for writing these poems. *HUGS*

Marz said...

I'm thinking about you today. This touched my heart. Thank you and your mom for sharing such a special, beautiful poem. I can tell by this poem and your posts what an amazing mother you have!

Anonymous said...

I'm very touched!
Your mom has a gift!

reni said...

that's a beautiful picture of you and your family. and your mom's right ... we keep on living but memories will never fade. happy birthday! cheers way up in the sky!