Monday, August 9, 2010

I heart SoA

On Friday (or maybe even Thursday), I felt like I was coming down with a cold. I felt run down and also, my face was breaking out. I blame it on the late night partying the weekend before and late nights of TV watching during the week. With no plans for the weekend ahead, I declared it, "my weekend of rest". But with my luck, it wasn't a good weekend to be at home, there was no good movies on CosmoTV, W Network, Diva or Peachtree. Anyway, Friday night, while hubby was out longboarding, I watched reruns of The Hills on ROD. Saturday, we did nothing but take naps all day long. It wasn't until the evening, Mike throws on a show that I was absolutely sure I wouldn't like...a show about a motorcycle gang. What girly girl in her right mind would want to watch a show of gangs and violence. Well, guess what guys....YOU ARE LOOKING AT HER!!!!

I had heard about the show before since I follow @JoelMadden on Twitter. He would always rave about Sons of Anarchy. I never paid any attention to it because my TV lineup was already full and we don't get FX Network in Canada. After watching episode 3 of season 1, I was hooked. I had no intentions of getting so involved in the show. I was planning to read my book while Mike watched. Next thing you know, it's 1:36 am and we just finished watching episodes 3-8.

The show follows the Teller-Morrow family and the Sons of Anarchy or SamCro (I thought when they were referring to Sam Crow, they were referring to an actual person. No, it stands for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original Charter), who are situated in Charming, CA. For a more detailed description and season recaps, click here.

SoA is so out of the box for me but it's highly addicting. There's lots of character building, twisted plots, shocking moments and lots of violence. Last night, we started season 2 and ended with episode 4. Looks like we can already figure out what we will be doing tonight.


Somewhere between all the SoA watching, we managed to stop to let my dad come over to drop off a bookshelf he built for us. I know when he asked what colour I wanted the shelf, I said white but when Mike and I walked out of the lobby, we were shocked to see a lovely mint green bookshelf on the dolly. -- Oh dad...that's not white but it's okay, we still love the bookself --

That was my weekend. I didn't get anything accomplished. I was hoping to watch Step Up 3D, install MS Office on my laptop, work on updating my resume and organize my jewellry. This will all have to wait until next weekend when I also plan on packing for Jamaica.


Marz said...

I hope you're feeling better and did not come down with a full blown cold!
I have heard SO many great things about this show, but like you I thought it would not be my cup of tea! The fact that you, a fellow girly girl, would love this show makes me think again about watching it :) Although, I seriously seriously do not do well with violence. Anytime I watch a Martin Scorsese film you'd think I was watching a horror movie, I always have my eyes covered to shield myself from the violence lol it's so cute to think of you watching that show :)
I LOVE the lovely mint green bookshelf your dad made for you!! I would LOVE to have one to put in my "sea" room that I will get around to decorating one day! Your "Twilight" sago looks good on those shelves :)
Jamaica....lucky girl! :) I've missed you while I was away, can't wait to catch up on your life! :)

Nicole Bingham said...

Your blog is SUPER cute! I'm going to follow you! I'd be so happy if you'd follow me back! Thanks again, Nicole Mariana

Luckie said...

i think you should just leave it the way it is. you need a bit of color in your den. it's good to know that your Dad still likes building things maybe you should order other stuff to keep him occupied.