Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Movie Review: Step Up 3D

I love dance movies so I was quite anxious for the release of Step Up 3D. I actually wanted this movie to be my first 3D movie but I ended up watching Despicable Me. For me, there was a lot of hype for the movie since I discovered LXD and Jon Chu. Jon Chu directed Step Up 2: The Streets and it has to be one of my favorite dance flicks [click here and here]. I really liked the continuity in this movie from the second movie. Obviously there really isn't a connection between Step Up 1 and 2 except for Tyler Gage's battle against Andy in the beginning and MSA. Overall, the thirs installment was a cool movie, lots of awesome dancing but I really could have done without the 3D effects. C'mon the slushie scene - give me a break.

  • More focus on Moose, he is truly an awesome dancer for a skinny dude.
  • Sharni Vinson has an wicked body. Maybe I should take up dancing so I can have a body like hers. She bends all sorts of ways.
  • Madd Chadd has crazy movements and is hot too!
  • The boombox wall.
  • tWitch
  • The MSA crew (but where is Andy and Chase?)
  • Opening dance sequence when Moose battles Kid Darkness.
  • All the music throughout the movie.
  • Natalie and Luke scene with the slushie and wind tunnel, sort of reminiscent of Nora and Tyler at the port doing her dream dance.
  • The focus on Camille and Moose, there should only be one love story in the movie, either Camille and Moose or Natalie and Luke
  • The final battle scene, it was too long. You think it's done but wait...there's more. I would have liked to see more crews battling but that's what You Got Served it for.
I honestly think I need to watch it again. I felt like I was concentrating too much on what 3D effects there were rather than the dancing itself.


reni said...

i enjoyed the step up: the streets movie.

tris1978ton said...

I thoroughly enjoyed Channing Tatum in Step Up 1. Did you like Honey? The movie was so so but the dancing in it was great!

Leesh said...

@tris1978ton > I always say Honey is my best worst movie. I liked Honey and am quite excited for Honey 2 to come out.