Friday, August 6, 2010

Origin Restaurant (a tweet up dinner)

I was invited to a tweetup dinner organized by Lisa from Hip & Urban Girl's Guide. I was quite shocked that she would invite me because I only tweet and blog about random stuff. Although I was nervous, I thought it would be good to network socially.

The dinner: Origin.
The girls: Lisa, Stella, Aimee, Rebecca and myself.
The food: I'll let the photos do the talking. For a more descriptive post about the restaurant, check out Chronicles of a Food Junkie.

Since it's a tapas-style restaurant, we all decided to order two dishes each that would be shared amongst the five of us. We made sure there were no duplicate orders. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of everything we ate but if you check out the blog link above, Stella did an excellent job capturing each dish. She takes the time to also take photos of the environment with her digital SLR.

From top to bottom:
paneer & dried fruit samosas + tamarind sauce
spicy spanish fries + chorizo + manchego (a fave)
smoked cod croquettes + saffron aioli
shrimp seviche + lime + tomato + freeze dried corn + coconut

From top to bottom:
chinois duck wrap + pickled cucumber + hoisin sauce + sriracha
creamed spinach + walnuts + raisins + reggiano

curried shrimp + naan bread

grilled lamb chops + hummus + yogurt + feta

dulce de leche + espresso ice + caramel crunch + sea salt
This is what I found on the menu online but I'm pretty sure they changed it to lemon sponge cake and freeze dried raspberries. I didn't taste caramel crunch or sea salt.

Other dishes that we tried but I didn't snap a photo of are: wokked & friend calamari + caramelized peanut sauce + pineapple (a fave) and burrata + pesto + romesca (another fave).

It was a night of good food and good conversations with lovely ladies. The one thing I like best about a tweetup is you don't have to apologize or feel guilty about taking photos of food and tweeting it. I look forward to more tweetup dinners!


The Food Junkie said...

Hey Leesh! Your iPhone pics turned out really good, way better than you thought it would right? =) Thanks for your "excellent job" comment haha I'm still a novice when it taking pics with my DSLR lol =D

As for the dessert, I think the caramel crunch is the thin piece sticking out, which I ate HAHAHA~

Great blog! Keep it up girl~

Marz said...

hahaha I laughed when I read the last line - "you don't have to apologize or feel guilty about taking photos of food and tweeting it" - that's how I felt when I met up with Shelly in Tampa! :) I wasn't embarrassed to take pics of my meal for my blog where as when I went to Chicago with my friends they 'teased' me about taking all kinds of photos of what they called 'random' stuff :)