Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Confessions

I can't believe that summer is over. Where did August go? I am a little late in my confessions because work is eating up most of my time. I am just glad this weekend is a long weekend.


I still listen to Jesse McCarthy's last album. I can't wait for his new one to come out (I think the release date is in October).

I love the new iPhone and I wish I waited for it instead of rushing and getting the 3GS. I like the squareness of it and the fact that the width of the phone is a lot thinner.

I'm glad my boss quit, the job just wasn't meant for her

I've been a bad godmother. I haven't seen some of my godsons in months

I'm seriously obsessed with Sons of Anarchy. I now think biker gangs are the sh*t. Jax is awesome, a rough exterior with a soft heart

Even though I was nervous about Jamaica, I'm glad I went because I had such a fantastic time. The staff at GPLH are super friendly, laidback and just plain awesome.

After I play cooking games on my iPhone or DS, I end up cooking up a storm in real life. I get so inspired.

I may have found the perfect travel companions.

I still haven't seen Inception.


The Girlie Blog said...

oh i love the new iphone too. i'm on it all the time!

Marz said...

I still haven't seen "Eat Pray Love" :( or "Inception" I read EPL and LOVED it and couldn't wait until the movie came out, but I'm waiting on my best friend to go watch it and she's always super busy with her two sons so that's okay I know it will be worth the wait if it's anything like the book! I'm waiting to read your review until after I watch the movie :)