Friday, September 17, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday (More randomness)

I live for Fridays for many reasons - the start to the weekend, last day of work for the week, Blog Friend Fridays and of course, Fill in the Blank Friday. If you are like me and shut down for the weekend at about two in the afternoon, check out Lauren's blog and maybe even join in the Fill in the Blank fun. Have a good weekend everyone!

1.  When I get a day to myself I like to lie in bed and catch up on some blogging, get a massage and watch a movie matinee by myself.

2.  High school was....a bore. I hated school but my social life was awesome. I hung out a lot with all sorts of friends - the mall, pool hall, friend's houses, house parties and parks. I went clubbing a lot (all ages) and met tons of people. The school part sucked. I went to school but never went to class. I did enjoy the passing of notes during and in between classes, Civies Day, the locker I shared with about 10 people, school dances, candy grams, the french fries in the cafeteria and smoking instead of going to gym class.

3.  A little dream I have is to find a job in a more creative field and maybe have a baby or two.

4.  A big dream I have is to live out the rest of my life on an island with my hubby and maybe with a baby or two.

5.  If I could drive any car my pick would be hmmm...maybe I will have to get my licence before I can answer this question but I would pick an Escalade - tinted windows, rims and all decked out on the inside.

6.  A time that I felt really and truly beautiful was recently for my brother's friend's wedding. I felt skinny and my hair just worked the way I wanted it to. Plus, my bangs were just perfectly cut.

7.  Tomorrow I will....sleep in and then watch Vampire Diaries since I missed it last night.


Marz said...

I would answer #1 exactly the same way :) I also miss the social aspect of high school. I enjoyed all the same things you did as well and even shared a locker with a bunch of people also! I miss the Friday night football games too. If the picture of you and your mom was the same wedding you are talking about in #6 then you answered that one perfectly too! You are truly beautiful and especially in that photo! I have never watched an episode of Vampire Diaries, but I think I just might have to. Have a great weekend sweet girl :)

Koree said...

#4 sounds perfect!

Have a great weekend!