Monday, September 6, 2010

Grand Chinese Cuisine

I read about Grand Chinese Cuisine some time ago on a random blog, I came across. I usually go to Emerald Chinese Restaurant in Mississauga but I have always wanted to try a unique kind of dim sum. This place sure has a unique style at a reasonable price. Grand Chinese Cuisine is located at the Doubletree Hotel near the airport. You have to pay for parking but it will be validated at the restaurant. The restaurant is more upscale (the chairs actually have chair covers) and the staff is friendly and nice. Seeing that it was our first time here and we had no idea what the prices were like, my hubby and I decided to go with nine dishes - dishes that are not your typical fare you would order for dim sum. We took our time eating, savored every bite and was even greeted by the manager, Samuel Tong, who ensured we were well taken care of. We will definitely be back with friends and family so they can experience what we did. Plus, there are so many other dishes we want to try.

deep fried diced lobster, nishin fish roe & salad dressing wrapped in a wafer paper

beef tripes with ginger & green onion

dual eel rice roll

grand scallop dumpling

crispy deep fried squid

steamed minced beef ball with enoki mushroom

crunchy garlic shrimp roll

deep fried sesame balls stuffed with BBQ duckling, taro & pine seed

baked diced cod fish pastry in thousand layer

My favorites were the lobster roll, scallop dumplings, tripe and cod fish pastry. Dim sum is offered every day but they have a special dim sum menu for weekends & holidays. If you will be dining with a large group, it's best to call ahead and make a reservation. I highly suggest you give this restaurant a try. You can still order the traditional dim sum dishes but I dare you to explore all the other dishes they have to offer.

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The Food Junkie said...

I want to try the:

deep fried dice lobster
beef tripes
deep fried sesame balls
baked diced cod fish pastry