Monday, September 6, 2010

Labour Day long weekend

After working a short week after vacation, I was looking forward to this long weekend. I don't know about you but my four day work week dragged like I was working for two weeks straight. This weekend involved no plans except for staying over at a friend's house and a movie date with Maureen. It was a low key weekend and now that it's holiday Monday at 3:30 pm, I get to sit on the couch, catch up on reading some blogs and even writing a couple blog posts myself.

Friday. After work, I decided I was going to treat myself to some yummy Starbucks. I haven't had coffee since cappuccinos in Samana, DR back in June. I wanted to try something new and relied on Maureen to text me the exact drink order she got (I texted her earlier in the morning to try the new Toffee Mocha since she knows exactly what kind of drinks I like - she was my guinea pig). I tried a short 1/2 sweet lactose-free Toffee Mocha. Although it was good, I much prefer my usual drink (see #51 on my i ♥ list). The night festivities included a trip to the Nike employees store - I bought a yoga strap, dinner at Zen with JP and Lyn, watching our silly Jamaica video and Sons of Anarchy until 3:30 in the morning. Zen is a family style Japanese restaurant in Scarborough that Lyn, JP and his family have been going to forever. It's their little secret place. Here's what I ate:

plum wine and edamame

hand roll set - yellowtail, tuna and salmon

seaweed and tofu salad

Saturday. We were all hoping for a beautiful sunny day but all we got was rain. And because of this, we got lazy and started off our day later. Hubby, JP, Lyn and I went over to the Ponce's house to check out their garage sale. We only planned to be there for about half an hour and ended up there for close to two hours. We played with R3 and ate some delicious Pizza Hut. You have got to try their thin crust Chicken Florentine pizza. It's so damn yummy. So, yummy, I wanted to order a whole one for myself to eat later that night. After the visit, the boys had to meet Dwight go to biking and longboarding. Lyn and I went shopping. We bought tons of House & Home Hotel towels (they were super cheap - $4.99 for bath towels, $2.99 for hand towels and 99¢), bikini bottoms and Gap City Flats. We did a few groceries and came home to find that the guys had prepared dinner. After dinner and ice cream cake, We watched Robin Hood and Our Family Wedding. Mike and I were too lazy to go home so we slept over again.

 breakfast is served - tuna and egg white omelette on lettuce
this was my first time ever eating tuna.

dinner is served - fried rice with egg, seaweed and fried anchovies, 
garlic & soya green beans and steamed fish with ginger and green onions

I ate two platefuls of this. 

Sunday. We woke up at 8 am and went home because I had a 10:15 am movie date with Maureen. We watched Takers (will post up a review later this week) and ate dim sum. I napped in the afternoon, watched Crash and did some laundry. I had a massive headache so I cooked dinner and then went to bed.

Monday. Today, Mike and I went to the Sporting Life sale at the International Centre. I picked up purple Roxy capri jogging pants and a cute Paul Frank jumper. Mike bought a Dakine toque and wrist guards. I was craving for dim sum again so we decided to be adventurous and try a restaurant I have been wanting to go to (see my previous post).

I don't want this day to end. I am dreading going to work tomorrow. Maybe a warm bath later on with the LUSH products I bought last week will calm my nerves. I hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

What did you do all weekend?


The Girlie Blog said...

A weekend of fun, food, family and shopping - sounds like a perfect time!

Elisse said...

Dang girl, sounds like you had a busy weekend! I did a bit of shopping too, and caught up with friends at the Richmond Night Market! Hope you're relaxing for the rest of the night!

Marz said...

Philip and I are deciding what to have for dinner and I popped on your blog and saw all that yummy food!!! I love looking at food :) I wish I could have some of it right now because I'm starving!! Sounds like a fun weekend! We hardly did anything - we didn't even end up going to a movie. We decided to stay in and catch up on our DVR (including last week's "White Collar" I am so in love with that show!) I'm dreading the busy week ahead, thank goodness it will be a short one! Have a good week Leesh :)

The Food Junkie said...

Sounds like a fun food-filled weekend =) Way more exciting than mine haha

becca. said...

Ditto on two things: my work week dragged on forever and i thought the holiday weekend would never come. and i did not want to get up for work today after a fun weekend!

lisa said...

Mmm all your food pics are making me hungry! My weekend was filled with yummy food too. A bunch of us went to the PNE on Friday night and gorged on fried perogies, funnel cake, real lemonade, and mini doughnuts. Then on Saturday the boy and I made spaghettini puttanesca and met up with friends for bubble tea. On Sunday we relaxed on Granville Island and grazed from one public market eatery to another, ordering French onion soup pot pie, chicken noodle soup, and a Nutella crepe. Then we had Japanese ramen for dinner--always yummy! Oh, and we also watched a bunch of movies and just relaxed.