Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Loving fall vs dreading fall

Many bloggers have been expressing their love for the Fall season. Even most of my friends are welcoming the cool weather and are already planning their Autumn wardrobe.  I am indifferent about the upcoming season. I am not ready to welcome fall with open arms since summer is my favorite time of the year.

Why I am happy to see Fall:
  • I love wearing scarves
  • I also love wearing cardigans
  • With cooler weather, I can wear my hair down. With hot, humid weather, it's always up in a ponytail or bun
  • I can dye my hair black again
  • Dark nail polishes can make an appearance

Why I am not thrilled about Fall:
  • Cooler weather - I love for the hot, humid weather
  • No more warm morning sunshine to wake me up and now it gets dark earlier
  • There are more commuters with the kids back at school
  • Wearing close toe shoes

What do you love or hate about Fall?


    Steph I said...

    You and I are on the same boat. I wish that summer could last longer. But then again, I guess if it did, we wouldn't appreciate it as much as we do. I'm dreading the fall season too – the chillier air, the shorter days, no more flip flops. Plus, as soon as fall comes it means that I become 1 year older. :o(

    The Food Junkie said...

    Same with Steph and you, I do not particularly look forward to fall like how many others do. I have no idea why people always say theres more fashionable items for fall...I find that there are tons for summer too! And I absolutely hate the cold and ...I HATE SNOW! Even tho fall has no snow, its an indication that winter is coming and snow will eventually come =( And it gets sooo much darker *depressed already* LOL

    Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

    I don't hate fall. Some of fall is OK. What I hate is winter and when falls comes winter is not far off and that I really do hate. So, yeah, fall depresses me.

    Ai said...

    Yes, summer is now my favourite season. Fall used to be my favourite. It's always a nice change. I love the cooler nights, sweaters, cords, leaves changing colours and boots. Though I am not looking forward to winter and SNOW.

    The Girlie Blog said...

    Love scarves! They are great accessories and they are actually really warm!

    Marz said...

    I vow to master scarves this Fall :) I use to wear the short scarves all the time with dresses etc. but I will master the actual fall long ones like in the picture you posted. It just looks so classic! I LOVE cardigans as well :) I love sweaters period. I like the weather right now. A little cooler than our usual 100 degree plus Texas heat. But I hate when it's too cold. Right now it's just right (although it has been raining all day long!) One of the best things about fall....FOOTBALL! :) Ready for football season. My husband is a hardcore NFL fan and I've learned to embrace it over the years :)