Sunday, September 19, 2010

mailbox surprises and cool manicures

On Friday I worked from home in my cute Paul Frank romper (it's actually kid's pajamas). Knowing that I couldn't step out of our condo to check the mail, my poor hubby had to go downstairs to check the mail twice (the first time he went the mail was late and they were just putting the mail into the mailboxes). I had no idea that I was going to be receiving a little package from a blogger friend of mine.

Elisse sent me a lovely handmade cupcake card with a stamp set and bookmark. Very unexpected and thoughtful. I met Elisse last fall through the blogging community and we instantly connected. She took a break from blogging and I missed her dearly. She is slowly easing her way back and I am truly happy that she decided to start posting again. Thanks Elisse for the cute care package, you always know what little things will put a smile on my face. For someone who I haven't yet met in person, you are very kind to me. I hope one day I'll make it to Vancouver again and get a chance to finally meet you.

All week I have been reading the September issue of Glamour. I came across a photo of a cool twist to a french manicure. I went to a salon by my work and requested OPI's Bid Red Apple and Lincoln Park After Dark on my tips.

I'm a little embarrassed of this photo since my hubby said my hands look old.

Sorry for the crappy iPhone photo

I was very happy with the end result. I got to work and two hours later, I ruined it. I was taking a bowl of chili out of the microwave. The bowl was so hot, it melted the tips of my manicure. Lucky for me, I have a small bottle of Lincoln Park After Dark so I was able to fix it.

What polish shades will you be wearing for the fall?
I plan on wearing Essie's new Fall collection - Sew Psyched, Merino Cool and Velvet Voyeur


reni said...

i love nail polish and i hate it at the same time because i wouldn't be caught dead with a chipped one! that means i have to re-do it every now and then. my go to is always the pink/sheer french color. otherwise, i like the darker shades such as deep burgundy, dark gray, wine color, etc.

The Girlie Blog said...

The photo isn't bad at all. Love the look! So pretty! But you are right, would suck to chip such pretty nails. But I say, you should still wear them. They turned out gorgeous!

Elisse said...

Glad you received and liked the package!

I am inept and painting my own nails and usually head to a nail salon - I like your spin on the french manicure! Looks great!

Marz said...

I just LOVE your unique french manicure!! :) I'm SO jealous of your long, slender fingers - mine are short and fat and for some reason when I have my nails polished they tend to look even stubbier for some reason!! It's strange, but I have always been self concious about it so I hardly ever have colored nails. I use to get my nails done all the time (just your basic french manicure) when I was in sales. I do miss it, because I always felt so much better with pretty nails. I think you might have just convinced me to try it again Leesh :) There is nothing worse then having a new manicure smudged up. Glad you were able to do a quick fix yourself :)

Steph I said...

I LOVE YOUR MANICURE! I'm sure you received lots of compliments on your pretty fingers.

Elisse was so sweet to have sent you such a great package! That's one of the best things about her – her thoughtfulness!