Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Memories: Cancun 2000

** Please don't mind the really crappy photos. They are from back in the day when we used 35 mm cameras or even the dreaded disposable cameras. All of these photos were scanned with a crap scanner **

Ten years ago, 17 of us went to Cancun, Mexico for a week of sun, sand and lots and lots of drinking. We stayed at Oasis Cancun, which is pretty much known as the party hotel. Ask anyone you know who went to Cancun in their younger years and they will probably tell you that, they too, stayed at this resort.

Here are some photos from our trip:


Some of the memories I take away from this trip:

Being at the airport at 4 am all bright eyed and filled with a rush of adrenalin

Tequila poppers

La Boom, Daddy O's, Slices

Getting sunburnt and Mike spending the day peeling off my face

All dolled and ready to go clubbing only to find my twin at the lobby bar

Arguing with Chukie resulting in me crying and staying in that night

Shopping and leaving Mr. Dee behind because he partied too much all week. He woke up to find that everyone left him

Jonny and Mike battling it out with DMX look-a-like

Calling Judy from a pay phone at the end of the road and screaming at the top of our lungs into the phone to say hi

It would have been cool to do a ten year reunion of this trip. Two years ago we talked about it but it never materialized. Most of us now have kids and it would be impossible for all of us to get the time off. I am glad that back in January 2000 we started planning so that we could go in May of that year. How it ended up being 17 of us going is beyond me but I am glad that we all made the effort to go away because it was an experience and a trip that can never be replicated.

To the BC Crew - we may only see each other at a baptism or a kid's birthday party. There are no longer Kris Kringle parties or celebrations of our actual birthdays. Times have changed and our lives have changed...that's cool but it doesn't stop us from being the crew that we once were. We have many memories not only from Cancun but from the many years we spent just hanging out. I may not pick up the phone or send an email as often as I should but I do think about you guys and all those good times we had. Cancun seemed like only yesterday but man, it was ten years ago. Maybe one day, we can do a reunion trip, even if it means that we are senior citizens going on a cruise. That day will come...should we start to plan it now???


Marz said...

I remember the days of "regular" & disposable cameras! :) How neat that so many of you went away together. I have NEVER been to Cancun! Can you believe that??? I have been to lots of places but never Mexico (never anywhere in South America come to think of it). I loved looking at all the pics, I can tell how much fun you guys had. The one of you and your "twin" made me think of US Magazines "who wore it best" and you my dear would have won that contest :) It would def be really neat to do a reunion of that trip. It's crazy how much can change in a 10 year span (babies, marriages, etc.) so it's nice when you can still say you're still all great friends :)

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Cancun is so fun, especially at a certain age!

Steph I said...

oh wow! Looks like a fun gang, and memories like that are priceless.

The Girlie Blog said...

You should totally do a reunion trip. I am just thinking of getting together with my friends some where.

Maureen said...

Woh. Holy old skool! Everyone looks sooo young!

Reechee Reech said...

*sigh* Cancun 2000 was the best trip ever!!!!