Saturday, September 18, 2010

Next vacation: Cuba vs. California

 Cayo Santa Maria

Back in April, I won a trip from Metro News to Melia Cayo Santa Maria. This resort is okay, not one that's on our list of must-stay resorts (seeing that we have already been to Royal Hideaway Ensenachos, which in my opinion is the best resort in that area - Santa Maria/Cayo Ensenachos). The resort does have an awesome beachfront, the water is stunning and the beach has powdery white sand. I have a year to use this trip and with my work schedule, summer time is really the only time that works for me. Well, we already had a planned vacation to Samana, DR scheduled in June (our annual trip), so we were thinking of using the free trip at the end of August. Plans changed and we ended up in Jamaica. I glad we went to Jamaica instead because it's one of my top vacations.

I work for a law association and I organize continuing legal education for lawyers, therefore we run programs like a regular school year. This makes it difficult for me to schedule vacation outside of the summer and Christmas break. But...I found a two week period in mid-November when I can manage to take a week off work. This would be the perfect time to go to Cuba. With vacation time booked through work, I was going to book the free trip this week, until my husband saw this on a Trip Advisor review:

"We got a great deal on this hotel... travel to the hotel is a bit of a culture shock... the beach was stunning the food is good for Cuban standard. The cats were a little unsanitary. I mostly felt guilty during my stay.." 

Please look at the sentence in bold.  The cats were a little unsanitary??? How am I suppose to interpret that? I dislike cats and I am terrified of them. I would have a heart attack if I saw this or this or especially this. These are all photos that we have come across from the reviews but there was one in particular that really grossed me out and I can't find it. It's a photo of a woman sitting on a bench and there's about five cats swarming her.  I know the trip is free but I rather save myself from the anxiety, panic attacks and my fingernails digging into my hubby's hand and pass up on this opportunity. I would gladly give this trip away if I could but sadly, it's non-transferable. Will I ever use it? Maybe...if I am deseprate for a vacation and have no money. But if April comes and we haven't use it...let's just say I won't be upset about it.

Now since my hubby and I have already booked time off, my mom happily paid for the two of us to come and visit her in California. We will be spending two days in San Francisco with my cousin and the other six days with my mom and my stepdad in San Jose. Thank you mom for saving me from the cats. Instead of having to fear for my life at a cat-infested resort, I get to shop until I drop and be silly with my mom again - I hear a Singstar competition coming on!!!

San Francisco


reni said...

i always prefer international travel, but you'll love california - i'm from there so i'm biased. but, i'm a southern california girl :) either way - you'll love san francisco, and hopefully you'll get to visit san jose (santana row), berkeley and a little bit of oakland.

Luckie said...

you just reminded me that i have to really look hard to find the memory card for the PS2 because singstar is part of that. OMG what if i cannot find it. Will you bring the Wii so we can just have a bowling tournament

Marz said...

OMG!!! I wonder what in the world that line meant about the cats?!?! I'm thinking it's like how in Key West, FL there are chickens and roosters just walking around chilling. They are everywhere. So random. But cats...that seems so odd!! I literally cracked up laughing clicking on the links of the cats you posted. I have never been a cat person (I am a dog person though!) so I see what you are saying :) I'm SO happy that you get to spend some time with your mom :) how nice of her to treat you and your hubby with tickets! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to San Fran. I look forward to seeing those pics :)

Elisse said...

Oh California - you'll have a great time!!

As for the Cuba trip - a vacation's supposed to be relaxing, not stress you out! Good thing you got some feedback about the hotel!!