Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Confessions

I have read any of the Harry Potter book or seen any of the movies.

Whenever my hubby would tell me I have no depth perception, I thought he was saying "death" perception. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to know when and how they would be dying.

I have never actually listened to Eminem's lyrics but while in Jamaica on the beach, I listened to You're Never Over and bawled my eyes out.

I can't drink Nestle bottled water. The taste bothers me but I bet you if you put Nestle in a glass, along with other brands of bottled water and even filtered water, I probably would not be able to tell the difference.

As much as my heart broke when Kanye pulled that ridiculous stunt on Taylor Swift at last years vmas, her music all sounds the same. She bores me, so now i understand why Kanye made a big stink but he didn't have to go about it that why.

After watching Letters to Juliet and Eat, Pray, Love, I now want to go to Italy. I even downloaded an app to teach me how to speak Italian.

In order for me to eat fruit, I must have someone cut it for me. Sadly at work, I have to ask my coworker to cut it up for me

I add a star to blog posts that I would like to comment on. I'll comment at a later date. This is because I read blogs though the mobile reader app on my iPhone and it's very difficult to comment with such a a small device.


Steph I said...

I really hope you make it to Italy soon.
S. is the same way with his fruit. LOL!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

I think you would love Italy! I've never read Harry Potter either, or watched the movies, and I can't stand Taylor Swift. Come to think of it I'm not a huge Kanye fan either.

The Girlie Blog said...

LOL. Taylor Swift's music is a little...blah.

And for the longest time, I did believe that it was "Death Perception".

Marz said...

Leesh I love these posts so much :) I want to know every quirky fact about you - like needing someone to cut your fruit for you :) You are too cute! When I meet you one day I'll be sure and remember that in case you feel like having an apple in my presence or something :) hahaha You would LOVE Italy so much! My sister Maria lives 10 mins from Pisa. It's been way too long since I have been there - let's plan a trip :)And girl - do yourself a favour and watch the Harry Potter movies pronto! :) They are the BEST! I love the magic of them! I have never read the books either (my husband loves them, he's a big HP nerd) but the movies are my favourite!

Elisse said...

There's a couple types of bottled water that I can't drink either. Which is odd, because it really should all taste the same, right?

Italy is a fantastic place to visit. My parents have been there twice. That's two more times than I've gone :P