Tuesday, October 26, 2010

D-Trix / SYTYCD / Quest Crew

Last week I blogged about going to the SYTYCD live tour. It was an experience to watch it live but I don't think I would go again. I only watched this season because D-Trix (Quest Crew) or Dominic Sandoval (as SYTYCD fans know him by) was back as an all-star. But as the season went on, lots of the all-stars and contestants grew on me.

The reason of my post today is about Dom. Just before the live tour kicked off, Quest Crew posted this video on their website:

After seeing this video, it didn't clear up anything, it just created more questions...Will Dom return after SYTYCD? What do they really mean by "Dom will no longer we performing with Quest? Does this mean forever? Do Hok and Dom still live together?

As all these questions ran through my head, the one thing that kept circling is Quest can't be Quest without their beloved D-Trix. He has all the hip-hop/bboy moves and he is the funny character in the group. Quest is just not the same without him.

Now after seeing the live tour, watching Dom perform with other talented dancers and seeing him run the show, he belongs on that stage, on that tour. In my opinion he is getting more exposure than if he were performing with Quest. I am pretty sure he will always remember where he came from, how he was with Quest when they won the third season of America's Best Dance Crew but with this opportunity how could he pass up steady income for the next couple of months. Yes, he did sign a contract for season 7 but who knows if he was bound to it already from when he was in the top 20 a couple of seasons ago. Just being an all-star and also going on this live tour, he has expanded his contacts, gained more exposure and a new and different fan base. I think he made a smart move. Quest Crew will always be there. They are all brothers so there won't ever be any hard feelings or animosity amongst them.

Dom has such stage presence as a performer and as a host. The tour will be good for him, personally and for his career. I am pretty sure in an interview somewhere, he mentioned that he wanted to learn different dances to better his career and SYTYCD is the right place to start.


Alex Chou said...

I have to admit, that D-Trix guy is pretty amazing. He's seems to flare so easily... I think I have to learn how.. lol

Anonymous said...

OK, I will probably get knocked down several points on your respect meter but I have no idea who quest crew is :s! I must be the only person on this earth who doesn't know