Sunday, October 17, 2010


On Friday, I finally watched Tuesday's website of Glee. I told my co-workers not to tell me anything about it. The only thing they said was that it was an "okay" episode, nothing exciting. Well, to my surprise, I really liked the episode. Go figure...I was one of the only ones who adored the Britney episode (I am wondering if my friend, Pernia liked this Duets episode?), so why wouldn't I like this one.

Here are two of my favorite duets of the night:

After watching, I began to think of all other duets, and I am not talking about a rapper with a featured singer or a singer with a featured rapper. I am talking about a song made for two people, each taking turns singing a different verse and the chorus and bridge together. Enjoy this play list I put together:

What is your favorite duet?


Maureen said...

i haven't seen this episode yet... i love duets and i love that song Lucky! i'm a little confused though, why is everybody so bitter bout the new guy & Quinn singing together?

great duet play list! one of the 1st duets on Glee was No Air they did a great job. Spend my Life with You is one of my faves!

Maureen said...

you put one of my fave duets on your play list. "Love Is". i'd say my other 2 faves are"
1) "Love Makes Things Happen", by Babyface & Pebbles
2) "My Boo", Usher & Alicia Keys

i heart duets... i'll probably like this Glee episode!

Leesh said...

@Maureen - I actually really like the new guy and Quinn together. I was putting together the duets play list last night and right now I am finally listening to it. I am pretty impressed with myself.

kleyr said...

I was into it also. Love the duets episode and so eager to watch the next one next week.

Koree said...

My favorite one was with Rachel and her mom. The one where they did a cover of Poker Face. I LOVE THAT ONE. Probably my favorite from all the episodes.
Oh, and thank you so much for the award, I'll do the acceptance post tomorrow. :)

Luckie said...

Mine would have to be Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly. I have not heard it for a while so I looked for my Nelly CD.

Nikolett said...

I adored this episode! I really loved all the duets, the awkward one with Finn and Rachel had me in stitches - and sadly I didn't miss Puck!

And I love your playlist - so many oldschool tracks :D I was gonna say "The Boy Is Mine" is definitely one of my favourite duets, as well as "Elephant Love Medley" from Moulin Rouge! ... always gives me chills.

Elisse said...

Oh no you didn't ... OH YES YOU DID!

Seeing Deborah Cox on your duets playlist brought back memories. Good playlist, Leesh!

cristina said...

I did love this episode!!!! :)

JMJE said...

I really liked the Quinn/new guy duet too.

eQ said...

I LOVED the Britney episode. Plus Brittany is my favorite character and she got the spotlight in that ep.

Thanks for the award and for the feature friday! I'll get back to you with my answers :)