Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's okay...

...to want nail polish in every spectrum of the rainbow.

...to crush on real life people instead of celebrities (Hello Preston and Marco).

...to buy three pints of Haagen Dazs ice cream for "emergencies".

...to have a can of Coke on those terrible tired days when you really need it or when you feel like drinking something bad.

...to say no to some things when you are swamped at work or have no funds.

...to buy $240 boots because they make you taller.

...to have four hot pink bras even though you don't like the color pink.


m i Q said...

It's also okay to buy a new guitar

Lin said...

It's definitely always ok to have extra ice cream for an 'emergency'. Actually, it should be a law :)

reni said...

nail polish, hagen daaz ice cream and $$$ on boots: AGREED!

Elisse said...

I like it when you post these kinds of entries :)

Like the ice cream, it may be worthwhile to have an emergency stash of Coke in anticipation of a tired day!

Marz said...

I have crushes on a mailman (not our regular mailman so when I do get to see him it's a treat! haha) and my bff has a crush on the fedex guy (who she calls fedSEX haha) and we work a couple of blocks from each other so we always email each other when we see "sightings" of our eye candy. There's also another fedex guy (not fedSEX haha) that is not good looking but whose chest I am absolutely in LUST over because I can tell he has a hairy one!! It drives me wild when I can see hair coming out from a man's shirt!!!! :) YUM! :) So I think harmless crushes on real life people even when you're married is okay!
I have the hardest time saying no to some things when I'm busy or broke...somehow I try and manage to find a way and then regret it later. I should just say no!
I love the colour pink!! :)
You are too cute Leesh. I love these posts!