Saturday, October 2, 2010

Movie Review: The Social Network

I find it hilarious that I would go watch a movie I know nothing about. Most of you know that I am not on Facebook. I never was and I don't have any intention to. I get the concept of it and it's a great social networking tool, but I rather not get sucked in. Yes, I would love to join to reconnect with old friends (not to keep in touch with my current friends because that's just lame, pick up the phone and talk to me) and I would love to view photos (since no one actually prints them out anymore). Another reason I won't join...I don't want to get hooked and let it consume most of my time, which I hear has that affect on you when you first sign up.

So, even though I am not on Facebook, I thought it would be interesting to see how it all started. Last night I watched The Social Network with my movie buddy, Maureen. She's on Facebook and has over 1000+ friends, I don't know how she keeps up. I'm sure everyone knows what the movie is all about so there is no need for me to explain. Maybe you are reading this because you would like to know what I thought of the movie. Keep in mind when we watched this movie, it was 10:15 pm on a Friday night, the theatre was PACKED and we both had a very tough week at work with a couple of sleepless nights.

In my opinion, I thought the movie was okay. It's getting rave reviews and I see where they are coming from but I found that the movie dragged towards the end. There was no more excitement, it peaked in the middle, right about when Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin met Sean Parker, and then just faded to wrap up the whole story. I started to drift slowly asleep so I may have missed some key parts. I'll never know because apparently Maureen was falling asleep too. What I did like about the movie was all the jokes and sarcastic comments made by Mark Zuckerberg. He's a genius. He knows it and doesn't have time for those who can't keep up with him. The Winklevoss twins brought a couple of comedic relief with their one liners like, "I'm 6'5, 220 and there's two of me" - If you watch the movie, you will find out why this line is so funny. One another thing, let me just say that Justin Timberlake is definitely not aging well.

Now, would I recommend you to watch this movie in the theatres...yes, if you want to see what all the hype is about because I will give it that it's a pretty interesting movie to see how Facebook was invented...but I would say no, if you already know how it came about. I left the movie with the knowledge of how a small idea can turn you into a billionaire with you have the smarts and funds to execute it, how easy it is to screw over your best friend and how it quite didn't sell me to join Facebook (I'll just stick to my blog and Twitter).


Maureen said...

leeshi.. i don't have 1000+ friends on fbook... i only have 900+. LOL!

even though we were sleepyheads in while watching the movie the funny 1-liners were classic! hahaha.

Nikolett said...

Aww at you and your friend falling asleep at times! I've heard a ton of rave reviews (one going so far as to say that Justin has Oscar buzz over this role) but I'm not sure if I want to see it ... at least in the theatres. Based on this review, it'll probably be a DVD rental kind of thing. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend :)

Anonymous said...

you're not on facebook?! oh my. that's okay. it took me a while to get into it. now, twitter is another story. i think that is the darker side. ha ha just kidding. i will definitely go see social networking.

creative engine said...

ever since Fight Club it seems like a given that anything David Fincher comes out with with at least be worth the cost of a movie ticket

Marz said...

I remember when I found out you didn't have a facebook I couldn't believe it! ha I still wish you did sometimes - like during my day if something happens and I want to tell you or someting reminded me of you it seems so much easier to send a comment on fb then email for some reason. It's funny because I have fb and not twitter (I think like "this is me"'s comment above and twitter is def the dark side!)and you are vice versa :) It's true though - fb sucks you in! I constantly have it pulled up at work and now that I have a smartphone I'm going to constantly be on it even more! ha :) Thanks for the review - I think I'll wait until DVD too :)

Aileen said...

Everytime I see the preview, I want to go out and watch it. I guess it would be more of a history lesson. Maybe I'll wait to watch it in the comfort of my own home.