Sunday, October 31, 2010

October confessions

I miss my BFF Stfne. I would go visit her more often but I'm terrified of her dog

I spent $240 on my fall boots. I haven't spent this much on boots since 1997.

I love reading the shout outs section in t.o. night each night on my commute home. It's entertaining with silly banter between commuters.
Listening to I Feel Better by Hot Chip in the morning puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Justin Timberlake singing FutureSexLoveSounds is so sexy...I love how he's not singing in his usual high pitched voice.

I have a crush on the youngest Jonas Brother. 

I am also crushing hard on Jeremy Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries. He was so emo in the first season but his confidence this season has made him very likable (and hot). 

(Why do I crush on younger guys???)

I'm obsessed with Purdy's chocolates. I, at least, pick up a dozen before my commute home once a week. I have too many favorites to mention.

I realized that I have many quirks. I will share a list of them one day since my hubby took the time to write them all down.


Maureen said...

yea, you definitely have a thing for younger guys! LOL!

haha, Mike wrote all your quirks down? can't wait to see the list!

The Girlie Blog said...

LOL! I also have a crush on Jeremy from the Vampire Diaries! So glad he's hitting it off with Bonnie. My favorite, however, is still Damon.

Anonymous said...

post the list of quirks! that would be fun :) maybe i'll get DH to write down my quirks and we can compare

Leesh said...

@Maureen and mindless drivl - I will definitely share the list of quirks sometime soon.

@The Girlie Blog - I am glad that I am not the only one crushing on Jeremy.

Marz said...

I just got done writing on your recent post how much I love your quirks and then I read this post - PLEASE share your list :) I love reading them! You make me laugh :) You're really crushing on the youngest Jonas? I'm so cliche and think Joe is the hottest haha My young boy crushes are on David Archuleta, Justin Bieber and Zac Efron :) Let's see a pic on these expensive but I know it's worth it boots!!! :)