Tuesday, October 19, 2010

#SYTYCD / #imjustsayin

You know how you use hashtags on Twitter...well, I am using it today for this blog post. I bought tickets for me and Stephanie I back in August and I honestly thought this day would never come. Well, now here we are October 19 and tonight is the So You Think You Can Dance live tour show (for season 7).

Surprisingly, I haven't seen a season of this show and I only decided to watch season 7 with the All Stars because Dominic Sandoval aka D-Trix was going to be dancing. (I fell in love with Quest Crew when they were a competitor in America's Best Dance Crew). After watching one episode of SYTYCD7, I was hooked. I came attached to the contestants and even had a hard time deciding if I wanted Kent or Lauren to win. At the end, it didn't matter to me because all the dancers are awesome and so talented to watch.

Thanks again to all my twitter friends (@kaileenelise, @venettem, @sting_a_ling and @mommydoings) for keeping me company on Twitter while watching each episode. I will be thinking about you when I watch the live show.

I really wish though that Mark, Lauren and tWitch were joining the All Stars on this tour. I can't wait...well, I just have to get this work day over with!!!

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Marz said...

The way you feel about SYTYCD7 was the way I felt about American Idol season 7 :) I was SO smitten with David Archuleta and so attached to the other contestants that I went with my sister Madeline to watch them on tour when they came to Dallas :) It was a blast!! I hope you had a great time that night :) I have never seen an episode of SYTYCD (although I LOVE watching people dance!)so I should def check it out sometime. p.s. since I'm not a twitter I am so confused about the hashtags ha - not yours, but in general!