Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend recap

It really sucks when you have to work two weekend in a row. I feel like I haven't relaxed. I miss just chilling and doing nothing all weekend. Now, because I was out-of-town last weekend for a work conference and yesterday I had to work at the Court House, I am behind in laundry, blog reading and just hanging out with my hubby. I didn't do much this weekend but it was busy. It's almost 10 pm and I can't wait to jump into my comfy bed (hopefully by the time I finish writing this post, my hubby will be finished watching Predator - I tried going into our room but the sounds were creeping me out).

Thursday | I know it's not the weekend but I wanted to share with you the awesome desk my dad made. He recently built us a bookshelf. We loved it so we wanted to challenge him to build a desk. The outcome? It totally works for us and now we can do work (real work and blogging) at our custom built desk, rather than in our bed or on the dining room. I am amazed at how talented my dad is.

Also, my co-worker came back from her honeymoon and brought us some treats...macarons. They were delicious and the best I have ever tasted. Parisian macarons rock! I am now kicking myself for not picking up the macarons my SIL brought back from her trip to Paris.

Friday | Mike and I decided to walk around the mall for a bit. We picked up my new glasses and some basket and accessories for our desk at the dollar store. Dollarama has some amazing items that do not look ghetto. We got home and cooked some Torta Talong. I can't believe that my hubby called me fobby because I cooked filipino food. I have to admit, it was delicious. Thanks to my FIL who walked me through what to do but these instructions for Torta Talong are basically the same thing he told me. I couldn't fall asleep later at night so I played games on my iPhone. I fell asleep around 1:30 am and that's a bad thing considering I had to wake up at 5:50 am for work the next day.

Saturday | Works went by pretty quickly. By 5:15 pm, I reached the DD Cottage. It was Halloween Taco Night. We ate like champs and then Mike, JP and Lyn carved pumpkins while I slept. I was exhausted from work. We didn't watch a marathon of movies like we normally do. I take it that since all of us were up since 6:00 am, no one could stay up late.

Sunday | After a Halloween Taco Breakfast, we went to MQ's after party birthday party. MQ is my little boyfriend, well, the son of our friends. He turned two on Friday. We haven't seen this family since we returned from our trip to Jamaica and let me tell you that MQ has grown up so fast. He is adorable. We left before we could see him in his dragon costume. Finally arriving home close to 7:00 pm, I started laundry and worked on a wreath. Becca emailed me earlier this week with a wreath project and I am proud to say, I completed it. Thanks Becca, I plan to hang it on our door tomorrow when I find a hook.

Sadly, the weekend is over. Mike and didn't get to dress up for Halloween, we are quite sad about it. There was no Halloween parties for us to attend and I was too busy these past couple of weeks with work to think of a costume. Plus, my work doesn't dress up or anything.

Did you dress up for Halloween? 
What did you do this weekend?


Anonymous said...

i would've loved for you guys to come over at our halloween party, but that would've cost you more than you'd really want since we live in different countries! LOL i love your desk! your dad is awesome!

Anonymous said...

aww boo for work-filled weekends. this wknd we have a major deployment at work and everyone on the project will be working. the thing that sucks the most is that our deployment window is from 12am-6am Sunday morning!!!!

hopefully work slows down for you so you can relax a little

Marz said...

That is an AMAZING desk!!! I LOVE how it's his & hers :) Your dad is SO talented!!!! I wish he could make one for me, I am currently typing on the recliner and sitting at a desk would be SO wonderful! You are quite talented too - love the wreath! :) I am SO sorry you missed out on an actual Halloween weekend because of work :( Wish I could have taken you as my date to the three I attended!

becca. said...

Love the wreath! :) I did mine that night but I was out of autumn colored fabric so I just used orange ribbon. It looks so wimpy. Haha.