Wednesday, October 13, 2010

YSL Rouge Pur 131

Back in August when I went to get my eyebrows waxed by Megan (at Benefit Brow Bar), she introduced me to YSL's Rouge Pur. She applied a very bright orange (#21 Indian Orange) which was a perfect summer color to go with my dark hair. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready to buy at the time and it's a good thing I didn't because it is not a color I can wear in the fall. After testing a couple different shades (#140 Purple Velvet and #143 Blazing Red), I settled for #131 Opium Red. It's a great red-orange color for the fall. I've worn it twice and both times received compliments on it. I loved how one of the compliments was from my friend's husband.

This lipstick is creamy but definitely has an element of shine to it. It is quite hydrating and has lasting staying power. I was skeptical about returning to lipstick since I am such a lip gloss girl but I am actually liking the texture of lipstick now that the cold season is approaching. I would love to get another color but at $35 a pop, I will stick to the one I have and buy another one for the summer.


Nikolett said...

That is such a beautiful colour! I rarely wear lipstick just because it's so hard to find a colour that I can pull off, so I'm glad you found one! By the way, I've left a little award for you at my blog :)

lisa said...

Gorgeous colour. I'm totally a lipstick girl now. There's only two glosses that have made the cut in my makeup kit and they're only there in case I want something clear and glossy and shiny (which is very rare...I like dramatic colour these days!).

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

What a great colour!

eQ said...

Just stopping by because I saw you halloween costume pic on Micaela's blog, and I thought to myself

"when did I dress up like wonder woman?"

cause, literally, in that picture you look JUST LIKE ME!

Anyway, Hi! That's all :)