Friday, November 26, 2010

Blog Friend Friday: Meet e Q from misguided me

I discovered this lovely blogger (who real name I still don't know) when she left a comment on my blog to tell me that she got confused or had to do a double take when she saw me in a Halloween costume on someone else's blog. She, for a second, thought it was her.  I thought this was hilarious! She's got a great blog, misguided me and what drew me in was a post she did on New York. She use to live in NYC and since I have never been to NYC, her write up on places to go to really intrigued me.

1) When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging March 2009 When I got laid off from my Job. I remember vividly the night I published my first post. I wanted to blog to fill up my boring jobless days. (I switched blog names/url in sept '09 and deleted my first blog. It was called The Blogging Banana and it was sweet & cute.)
2) Where do you live?
I just moved back to Seattle (where I grew up) after 3 years in NYC. 

3) What do you for a living and what do you do in your spare time when you are not blogging?
By title I am an Interior Designer, but my whole professional career has been in retail store design for different well known companies. Spare time consists of playing with my dog Bax, hanging with my man Ron, shopping, TV (I am a huge TV whore!), learning new recipes, thinking of ways to stay fit but not actually doing any of them, eating and drinking, i love to garden but kill almost any plant I touch, meeting new people, happy hour, going to concerts, listening to and discovering new music.

4) What is your favorite website to visit daily?

Failblog, The Life Files, Cupcakes and Cashmere, 5 Inch and Up, Ok Player, Facebook

5) What is your favorite vacation spot and why?
Barbados. I haven't been to many tropical places and my boyfriend took me there last winter. It was amazing.

6) Name your top three favorite songs.
Oh gosh....This is hard.
1. Method Man & Mary J Blige, You're All I Need to Get By
2. Daft Punk, Something About Us
3. Tied with so many songs!!! Fugees, Linkin Park, Eminem, Green Day, The Roots, Mos Def, Nas, The Strokes, Chromeo, Nirvana...the list goes on and on. It's cruel to just pick one.

7) Who is your favorite celebrity to stalk?

You should probably know I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Henry Cavill. Fashion-wise I tend to check out what the Kardashians are rocking, and just for pure entertainment I like to follow Katy Perry and Kanye West on twitter.

8) What's your favorite drink?

Gin on the rocks

9) What is your latest obsession?
Bitchin Kitchen on Cooking Chanel. Big chunky jewelry. West elm and Crate and Barrel sales. Loris Shoes Chicago, suede.

10) What would your last meal be?
This filipino dish called Kare-Kare. It's a peanut butter type stew. It's redunkulous. That or a medium new york strip with a tall glass of cabernet. nomnomnom.


Anonymous said...

you should visit NYC. the madness is an experience, food, people, arts - you might like it.

Anonymous said...

oh, and i love kare-kare! i'm looking forward to eating it when i go home to l.a. for christmas!

eQ said...

Thanks girl for the feature! Hope your thanksgiving was splendid!

I'll be in NYC again next week for a few days. I miss that place sometimes :)

Anonymous said...

Hi,i ´m Kathi and just wanted to say that you have a nice blog and i wonder if you are filipino ,because i am half :)