Sunday, November 7, 2010

early on a sunday morn...

The hubby and I are up early. We have actually been up since around 7:00 am and have been on our computer since. We are searching for new wallpaper for our desktop and things to do when we reach San Francisco on Friday while listening to slow jam mixes (Chapter 1 and Chapter 2). Mike is amazed at the amount of slow jams I know and even went as far as calling me old.

We are up early because we pretty much went to sleep before midnight. I hate to admit this but we turned off all the lights in our condo and shut the blinds so our neighbor would think we were either sleeping or out. She invited us to go to a bar by our place but both of us were not in the mood. The last time our neighbors went out, we bailed. As much as we really want to hang out with them, I am just exhausted from working the past two weekends. I purposely made no plans so I could rest and REST is what I did.

Here's what I did all weekend:

  • Knitting - I am making an infinity scarf for my co-worker. I am a little rusty seeing that it's been a year since I have knit anything. It took me an hour just to cast on properly.
  • Catching up on Google reader - two weeks ago, I had 300+ to go through. I am proud to say, I have it down to 44 posts to read.
  • Playing City Story, Restaurant Story and Jojo's Fashion Show 2 on my iPhone - I really should be playing games on my Nintendo DS since I went crazy when it broke last year and had to buy a new one. It's just so hard to download games for it.
  • Read the October issue of InStyle - there's some great articles and outfits in this issue. If I hurry up, I can read November's before December arrives.
  • Watched movies - This Christmas, Ramona and Beezus and Step Up 2.

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What did you do this weekend?


    Anonymous said...

    every time we turn the car radio on bf always says, is there anything out there that you don't know? hey, what can i say? i'm well informed on my tunes! ha ha ha

    lisa said...

    Aw sometimes you just need down time. I'm sure your neighbour would understand. :)

    Elisse said...

    OMG, I am catching up on blog reading as I type! I should be getting to bed and resting up for work tomorrow! :P

    With the holidays coming up, I am craving relaxing, stay at home weekends like you did this past Sunday. I don't think I'll have very many from now until 2011!

    Marz said...

    I'm glad you got some much needed R&R before you vacation! BTW I would like copies of your slow jam mixes - LOVE so many of the tunes! On Sunday night as I was driving home "Red Light Special" came on the radio and I couldn't help but sing along. That album "CrazySexyCool" is by far one of my all time favourite albums EVER!!!
    As you can prob tell I'm playing catch up on google reader. I am SO sad that I missed out on your giveaway :( I'll be sure and sign up next time! I've missed you Leesh and love catching up on what you have been up to!