Wednesday, November 10, 2010

excuse my absence

Sorry that I haven't posted in a couple of days. I've been lazy. I have post ideas but I just have no patience to sit and write.'s post will be a mismash of random things. I hope you are having a good week so far, Happy Hump Day!

San Francisco, Here we come. One of the reasons I have been absent from my blog is I am trying to get ready for my trip to California. The hubby and I will be staying two days in San Francisco (and staying with a cousin) and then six days in San Jose (staying with my mom and stepdad). If you are from the area or have visited the Bay area, please feel free to leave a comment with suggestions of what I should do while I am there. The line up so far - Alcatraz, Ferry Building Marketplace, Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman's Wharf, Montrery Aquarium, Winchester Mystery House and not to forget some shopping - Union Square, Gilroy Outlets, Trader Joe's and Target. One last thing, I will also gladly accept restaurant recommendations!

hug TO Cookies and Champagne Party. You have probably heard me mention Lisa from The Hip + Urban Girl's Guide. I have met up with her a couple of times and she asked me to guest post for her blog earlier this month. She's a super sweet girl and has a knack for throwing awesome social events. If you live in Toronto, you must sign up for their upcoming event, Cookies and Champagne. It's a great way to meet new people and take home loads of cookies. If you are not a baker, no need to worry, you can register for just the networking event.  I got my ticket, do you have yours? Sign up soon!

Glee - Never Been Kissed. How awesome was last night's episode? I thought the Britney and Duets episode was pretty good but this one is up there in my al-time favorites. The rendition of Teenage Dream was beyond words, I actually need to watch it again and then maybe a couple times more. The girl's mash up was sexy but I found the boy's mash up was lacking.

My new favorite tunes. I can't get enough of Robyn's Dancing on my Own. I first heard the Deadmua5 remix at one of the MTV musics awards show and then I heard it again on last week's episode of Gossip Girl (remember the sexy piano scene with Chuck & Blair?). I listen to this song on repeat all the way on my commute into work. Another song that I keep on playing is Far East Movement's Girls on the Dance Floor. I know people are not too thrilled about this Asian group but I like their songs, they are quite catchy. Plus, the beats just make me want to get up and dance (well, maybe just chair dance - I am old, I no longer dance in public).

Restaurant Story. Every now and again, I find an iPhone game that I get so involved in. This past week it's been Restaurant Story.  It's very much like City Story, Tap Farm, Tap get it...I am beginning to think I enjoy games where you must lock a new level. It's like the anticipation and opening of a Christmas/birthday present.

Well, that's it from me. I will continue packing tonight and schedule a few blog posts before I leave and hopefully, I will get a chance to blog while I am on my trip. Before you leave my blog, don't forgot to enter my giveaway, it closes this Friday.


Nikolett said...

Love the random topics; I totally know what you mean about not really knowing what to write about but you had plenty! So jealous about your upcoming vacation, sounds like it'll be an amazing time! And I -LOVED- the Glee episode and usually I only find them so-so. Maybe it's because I enjoy Darren Criss so much, but that "Teenage Dream" rendition was amaaaaazing.

Hope you have a happy hump day as well :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Yay for trips to San Francisco! I'd suggest just a quick trip to Pier 39 & Ghirardelli Square, cause although fun, they're super touristy and there is so much more to see.

My favorite restaurant is Burma Superstar on Clement and 4th Ave. in the inner Richmond. Farmer Brown's (right near Powell St. BART close to Union Square) is another great restaurant with chic ambience and delicious southern food.

The best Italian food EVER is in North Beach, and that's such a fun neighborhood to visit anyway! I'd head to Broadway and Columbus (the heart of North Beach) and pick pretty much any restaurant (I especially like The Stinking Rose and Rose Pistola), then have a drink at Vesuvio Cafe, and pop into Ginsberg & Ferlinghetti's bookstore, City Lights.

There is so much more--I think you should try to see the beach (Baker Beach) and maybe do the Land's End hike (it's stunningly beautiful) . . . and Golden Gate Park is of course not to be missed, and a walk down Haight St . . . I love this city!

Anonymous said...

i LOVED that epi of glee! SF is so much fun; I have an album on my flikr acct of SF; I will send you the link so you can see how awesome it is.

if you love seafood, you're gonna LOVE SF!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ok don't tell anyone but i watched that scene on youtube 4 times already!! :D

Elisse said...

I missed this week's Glee episode, but Twitter was all abuzz about the rendition of Teenage Dream - wow! I love it!!! I think I'll have it on repeat as I continue with the rest of my blog reading for tonight!

(P.S. Omg - you'll love SF!!!)