Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Indulgences Giveaway Winner

Sorry for the delay. I am in San Francisco and I am having a hard time adjusting to the time change. Plus, I was drunk within an hour of landing. Those damn Pisco Sours.

I am happy to finally announce the winner of my Fall Indulgences giveaway. Thanks to those who entered and a warm welcome to my new followers. Seeing that I am staying at my cousin's place, I have asked her to help me draw the winner. Please keep in mind she's a huge Giants fan and she still on a World Series high.

Look at all the entries!

My cousin drawing the name of the winner from her Giants snuggie (I so want a snuggie now)

And the winner is...

Congratulations Elisse!!!!
I will be sending you an email for your address and I hope you don't mind waiting a week or so. Since I am on vacation, I will send you the package next week when I get home.


Nikosmommy said...

Love the way you announced the winner on the chalkboard!!!

Elisse said...

Thanks so much for this Leesh! Hope you're having a blast in San Fran! Can't wait to hear about your trip :)

Marz said...

Congratulations to Elisse!!! :)

I know you're enjoying yourself in San Fran!! That is def one place I hope to visit someday! Your cousin is SO cute in her snuggie :) Although I'm still not over the Rangers losing to her Giants! :( haha

Miss you Leesh!