Sunday, November 28, 2010

How I ate my way through San Fran/San Jose

I ate a lot, so much that I just didn't want to eat anymore...

 Salad of the day (I can't remember what it's called) at The Fish Hopper

Again, I can't remember the name of the salad at Fresca and it's not on their menu
(for more delicious photos, click here)

Tea sandwiches at Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon
(for more photos, click here)

In N Out burgers - the only time I made an exception to eat a hamburger (eww beef)

Garlic prawns with rice and beans at Casa Teresa

Oysters at Eagle's Cafe

My first Pinkberry ever...chocolate with dark chocolate crisps, fruity pebbles and cap'n crunch

After all this eating out, it's nice to have meals cooked by mom...

lumpia shanghai



tequila shrimp skewers

kalbi (that I didn't eat)

And of course, my trip wouldn't be complete without me baking some Skor bars but the problem is, they don't sell Skor bits in the States so I settled for Heath bits.


Anonymous said...

you don't need to remember the restaurant, with photos like these - it's all you need girl! and yay for in-and-out burger! it's the only fast food burger i'll have, oh and fat burger - all cali joints!

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm starving and this post didn't help! the food looks sooo yummy and seriously, how good is in/out burger? I've never had but heard they're amazing

Maureen said...

Mmmm... Mmmm... Goood! Wish I ate my way through SanFran with you!

bananas. said...

girl you just had me salivating after reading that post. holy mackerel all that food looks good! and in & out...good girl! i normally don't eat burgers either, though i do eat beef occasionally, but in & out is my exception.

Leesh said...

@mindlessdrivl - In N Out if pretty good considering I hate hamburgers. I think it's the fries that totally complete the meal.

@this is me - next time I will try fat burger. I also need to try Carls Jr (which is my stepdad's favorite).

Elisse said...

*drool* - I'm a huge fan of in-n-out burger! Their fries are so nommy! said...

Those slot bars look amazing! Can I please have your recipe? They do sell skor bits in the states.