Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A list of quirks (by my hubby)

Over the weekend while we were staying over at our friend's house, my hubby decided to make a list of my quirks. It really ended up being his bitchfest about certain things I do. I will leave out his complaints and just list what he said were my quirks. My friend Kat, found this exercise hilarious, so she asked her hubby to list her quirks. Read about it on her blog, Mindless Drivl. If you and your hubby (other significant other) want play along, blog about it and link it up in a comment.

*Having to check with the host of a party we are invited to if they have a cat. I am terrified of them and refuse to be anywhere near one.

*Closing eyes when a cat commercial comes on. Yup, scared to death of cats, I don't even want to look at one.

*To cool off, I won't dunk my whole head in the ocean or pool. I hate water in my ears so I will dip my hair/back of my head in the water but I make sure no water will gets in my ear.

*Rubbing my feet to put myself to sleep. It relaxes me and puts me to what?

*Gagging at the sight and smell of sandwiches. I hate deli meat and the sight of sandwiches makes me want to barf.

*Unable to eat meat of a bone. A t-bone steak, pork chop, chicken breast, etc...I would have to cut all the meat off first and dispose the bone before eating, actually my mom would remove the meat off for me. Now that I don't live with her, I just avoid eating meat off a bone all togther. Actually I don't eat red meat or pork anymore so I don't have much of a problem. I can for most of the time eat chicken wings but sometimes I get grossed out by them.

*Won't eat fruit unless it's cut into pieces for me. Pineapple, peaches, apples, strawberries, kiwis, etc. I know this is a weird one but it's the only way I will eat fruit. My coworker cuts my apple and peach for me. Thank goodness she's understanding and doesn't think I am strange.

*Announcing and going to the washroom about ten million times before boarding a plane. I announce it so my hubby knows where I am going and I only go to pee about seven times before I board a plane. It's not my fault I have a small bladder.

*Holding new babies. I am scared of holding newborns. I won't hold a baby until they are three months old. It's my new baby rule.

Are these silly or what?


m i Q said...

We surely don't eat READ meat but we used to eat RED meat

Lin said...'re so spoiled! I cant believe you cant eat fruit unless it's cut up. I actually think this may be a ploy to get people to be your little food slaves but I wont tell haha.

I think it's adorable that rubbing your feet together puts you to bed, I sorta do the same the thing except I tap my foot. Fun post!

Leesh said...

I have fixed the mistake now.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

OMG! I am the total same about new babies, cut fruit and not being able to eat meat from the bone.

I don't mind cats but I'm the absolute same with snakes down to closing my eyes for commercials.

Anonymous said...

oh my you little miss princess! ha ha ha
no babies for me. don't want any of my own.
i don't like the smell of poop and having to
change them. i don't like the sound of their

Pinkie said...

I have the same quirk with peeing before boarding and I have a rule whether I am alone or with somebody else. 10 minutes before boarding and I am in the washroom.

Steph said...

You're way too adorable! I'm the same way with my feet and I rub them against each other when I'm in bed. It's so soothing! And the baby thing – I have a hard time holding them too.