Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Memories: Sandwiches

Today's memory is a silly one. It's a memory from my childhood which I am sure my mom and aunt will get a kick out of. See, for whatever reason when I was in kindergarten, my mom would pack me a sandwich for my lunch. Boy, did I ever detest sandwiches. So, on the ride to school, I would take it out of my bag and hide if under the front seat of the car. A few smelly days later, my parents would find the sandwiches under the seat due to the stench in the car. I was young so little did I know that the sandwiches would mold.

To this day, I still hate sandwiches, well, cold ones with deli meat. I am okay with paninis or hot sandwiches. My coworkers know that I don't like them or that I can't stand the smell so I am extremely grateful they are understanding and don't let me near catering when sandwiches are involved.


Luckie said...

oh i remember this so well. i also remember your wedding shower.
i am sorry that i caused all of this
now you can enjoy mini sandwich with egg, tuna or salmon filling. LOL

Marz said...

haha Leesh that is TOO funny! I love your little quirks :) I on the other hand can eat a sandwich any time of day :) I can just imagine little girl you hiding your sandwiches under the seat :) adorable!

Claire Kiefer said...

HIlarious and so random! I love sandwiches, though I'm vegetarian so no cold meat on mine either ;)

Elisse said...

James also has terrible memories for sandwiches. He spent most of his elementary school lunches eating ham sandwiches. I don't blame you for yours. Good thing there are options like paninis so you can still enjoy something sandwich-ish.

Steph S C-O said...

LOL!!!! Too funny! As a kid, I hated sandwiches for lunch too. Although someone else's sandwich would always look appetizing for some reason. I don't mind a sandwich now and then but it has to have salami or procuitto (Sp?) in it to be enticing. :)

Pinkie said...

Gosh, I remember this too...once in Whitehorse and your dad was cleaning the did not smell that much as it was winter. What a collection of sandwiches!!!!
How did you survive not having lunch?