Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November confessions

Oh my, I almost forgot to do my November confessions (Maureen if you are reading this, I have a series for you..."I'm Not Gonna Lie". You say this phrase a lot and I think of you whenever I use it)

I have been pretty lazy to blog but I think I am getting my blogging legs back.

I'm secretly crushing on Nick Carter (from Backstreet Boys) since I saw the skinny, hot version of him perform with NKOTBSB at the American Music Awards.

I am excited for Asian Sensation 2011 in Vegas. Let's make it happen girls.

I'm getting very nervous for Christmas. ME + Christmas = hot mess. Next year, for sure, my hubby and I need to go on a beach vacation to avoid the holidays.

Yet, I still love Christmas movies, music, decorations and holiday cheer!

I miss my mom. I never truly realized it until I went to visit her this month.

I drank Coke too many times this month.

I hate playing Words with Friends because it make me feel dumb.

I'm really kicking myself for not buying some Sons of Anarchy gear when I was in California.


Anonymous said...

LOL! asian sensation in vegas - it sounds like an oober cool girl group! ha ha i can't plan any travels yet until january - i haven't even left for l.a. and costa rica yet! lol though a spring weekend in vegas is tempting! ha ha

Maureen said...

Luv it! i gonna start a "I'm not gonna lie" series. I have no idea where I got that sayin... Damn, I do say it a lot! Haha.

Hell yea - let's make LV 2011 - Asian Sensation happen!

Elisse said...

Christmas movies - bring them on! I was always into Sound of Music, but I really like watching "Love, Actually" during this time of year!