Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Really? Three months???

When my mom had her retirement party back in the end of July, asides from making her giveaways, I offered to take photos at the party. She told me that her "planning committee" had a volunteer from her office who would be photographer for the night. With that said, I didn't bother to bring my camera...well, I should have.

After three months, I finally receive a copy of the photos. My mom has already left for California and has already settled in. I will be bringing them to her when we go to visit in less than two weeks. This morning, I quickly glanced through them. Not only are there very little photos, they are kinda crappy. There were so many other people there and my mom won't have a everlasting photo with them. I couldn't even find one with just me and my mom. I totally regret not bringing my own camera to at least get a shot with my mom, stepdad and Mike.

 Anyway, here's a photo of Maureen, Lyn and I.

 And here is the only photo that my mom and I are in together. I like to call the guy between my mom and I, HW. It's a nickname I gave him and only Maureen and Julie know what it stands for. If you want to know what it stands for, you will have to ask me.

I am going to invest in a really thin camera I can take with me wherever I go. My iPhone doesn't take the best photos and I feel like now a days, I want to capture every moment of my life. I am looking to spend under $150 since we already have a great camera at home. 

Any suggestions to what camera I should buy?


becca. said...

I have the Canon Powershot SD 1000 Digital Elph in Blue. It's pretty slim, I always carry it in my purse and it usually fits in a clutch too (unless I stash all of my makeup in there first). This one is a newer model that has a few more megapixels than mine, but it's still about the same price. My favorite feature is that you can do some settings in manual mode, digital macro, and there is a spot color feature too. :) I've had my camera for almost five years now.


Anonymous said...

i love my canon sd1300 IS, it's pretty compact. i got it this past summer. it has 12.1 megapixels. my friend has the canon sd 780 IS and is a lot smaller but is also good.