Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: a year in review

Like all other bloggers, I am recapping my year. It's not like anything exciting happened (well, I did get to go on three vacations - Dominican Republic, Jamaica and California) but I thought I would share with you month by month what was important to me. I've also included a playlist of songs I mentioned in each month in my blog.  Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!!!

I did it, I cut bangs! {january}

one drunken night {february}

crafting/knitting at its best {march}

I won! {april}

cupcakecampTO {may}

4 years {june}

farewell mom {july}

jamaica {august)

dim sum discovery {september}

so you think you can dance {october}

eating yummy cali food {november}

cookies {december}

Music Playlist at


Nikolett said...

Major props for including Glee's version of "Teenage Dream" on that playlist! I'd say 3 vacations definitely makes for a good year :D Hope 2011 is amazing, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Lin said...

Lucky duck, I'd love to have 3 vacations in one year! Looks like you had a great year, I hope 2011 is even better. :)

Elisse said...

Great summary of your year, Leesh! I love how you did a lot of traveling in 2010 - that's one of my goals for 2011 :D

Maureen said...

cute little ipod your playlist is on! the glee version of Teenage Dream is the reason why i started liking that song. i can listen to that version over and over again. and thanks for introducing me to that robyn song! even though it's a 2010 song for you, i think it's my 1st song of this year!