Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 more days 'til Xmas

I came down with a cold Monday night. Luckily I nipped it in the bud by staying home yesterday and just resting. I was worn down from the weekend and must have caught a little bug. I am feeling much better today but I lost a day of work, shopping and preparing for Christmas. I feel like Christmas just creeped up on us. There isn't enough time to do everything I wanted to do - fancy gift wrapping, holiday baking, laundry, countdown to Christmas blogging, etc.

I am very thankful that post-Christmas I have a week off. During this week, I hope to reply to emails, come up with some interesting blog posts, comment on blogs, clean up around the condo, watch some movies in the theatre, do some jewelry shopping (my new obsession) and maybe lots of napping.  WOW, that seems like a lot for one week. Let's see how much I accomplish.

I hope you are not as tied up as I am. Maybe you are prepared and are just anxiously waiting for Christmas to arrive. If you are ready...let me ask you, do you know what you are doing for New Year's Eve? This is another thing I have to tackle, Mike and I need to figure out what we will be doing to ring in the new year.


Anonymous said...

glad you're feeling a little better. i thought i was gonna come down with something, too, but i drugged up. i can't get sick, especially that i'm traveling for the holidays. i've been working all week, so no napping for me. nye will be in costa rica, so that's good enough of a plan :)

Francisca said...

Hi ;)
My name´s Francisca, I found your blog by Mayu´s (my acww name is Rory) I´ve been a silent reader since then. And I also used to follow your blog all about ds :)
Hope you have a great Christmas!
Ps: my blog is private but tell me if you want to read it xD which I doubt anyone wants to read a 13 yrl old gal notebook ,lol

-Francisca <3

Maureen said...

BAH new years is over-rated! BLEH! but lemme know what you guys decide to do...

Elisse said...

Ooohh jewelry shopping!?!? Let us know what you find!

Leesh said...

@Francisca > Hello! Thanks for reading my blog. I stopped updating my DS blog because honestly, I stopped playing my DS. I miss playing though. It looks like Mayu isn't playing either these days. Are you still playing AC:WW?