Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas came and it went...

Christmas came and it went. It's funny that way...we shop til we drop, we bake til we can't bake no more and with me, I am filled with anxiety and for what??? There is no reason anymore for me to be all bah-humbug about this holiday because I got through it. It still would have been nice to be on a sunny beach sipping some mojitos.

Christmas Eve - alone at home with Mike. We just sat around and watched movies. We were both home all day but Mike had to work for half the day. Christmas morning - my dad came over for brunch. We are french toast and individual frittatas while sipping on mimosas. Christmas dinner - at the in-laws. We had a kris kringle exchange with the entire family (except the lil ones). We ate tons of oysters and mussels. We played lots of PS3 Move (I rock in Frisbee Golf because I am the Matrix and it's only me who can freeze the game). We had a massive sleepover resulting with the hubby and I getting no sleep at all. Boxing day - skipped out on the shopping and just slept all day. We did the same thing on Monday. Let me tell you, we watched a crap load of movies - Takers, Step Up 3D, The Switch, Salt, Going the Distance, The Town, 27 Dresses, Sex and the City 2 and Valentine's Day. Honestly, I have already seen most of these movies but I love background noise. Today, we finally venture out, did a bit of shopping and had lunch with our Westside Crew. We had to get together today because one of our friends is taking a huge risk and spending New Years in NYC. I am worried about him but I am sure it will all work out. I'm really happy for him though!

I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas and I also hope that you don't have to work this week. I am one of the lucky ones who returns to work on Tuesday. I will leave you with two pictures from Christmas.

Solon Massive

my lovely gifts


lisa said...

Hey, I skipped out on shopping on the 26th and 27th too! There were so many good deals to be had leading up to the holidays, I think I had good deal fatigue lol.

Hope you have a wonderful NYE, Leesh!

Sandy a la Mode said...

what LOVELY gifts~!!! those striped boots are super fun!!! happy new year!!!

bananas. said...

ELFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome gift!!

hubby did good :)

Elisse said...

Nice gifts from Hubby :) and now I know who you're referring to when you speak of the Solon Massive :D

monica said...

great gifts!!! chris and i have one of those griddlers and love it!!! we make panini's all the time!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

What an awesome weekend! Sounds like you enjoyed your holidays :)

Great fam pic! Way cute!! Pretty good gifts, too ;)

kat said...

ELF! wicked gift (and gifts!). love that movie :)