Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

I'm late, I'm late...I forgot to fill in the blank on Friday, now I am doing it Saturday morning. If you want to join in the fun, check out Lauren's blog and link up your answers there. Have a good weekend everyone, stay warm!

{Erin Nicole Photography via weheartit}

1.   I wish I was going to be on a beach for Christmas but it looks like we will FOR SURE be in town this year. I will try to make the best of it.

2.  Yesterday I  went to my husband's Holiday party. It was at this cool venue, with delicious catering, a photo booth and a great dj & mc. We were totally enjoying the music and entertainment. We would have stayed longer but we wanted to go to bed early because our niece and nephew will be here any minute.

3.  Today I will decorate the tree with Mike, Belle and Blake, bake skor bars and make jello shots for the Wong Christmas party later on tonight.

4.  Tomorrow I will relax, snuggle up with my snuggie and watch some movies - Despicable Me, Going the Distance and Love Actually.  

5.  Maybe  I will totally get into the holiday spirit. This week's episode of Glee sure put a move on my heart. It's time for me to stop being the Grinch or Scrooge and start putting the past in my past and believe again that Christmas can be fun.

6.  Someday the hubby and I will make it to Italy or Japan. We need to venture out and stop lying all the beach. We need to explore and travel more.
7.  I love Saturdays! I love not having to work. After going to my hubby's Christmas party, it made me realize that I want to work in a company where there is more than 10 employees who are not all female and who all get along and can have a good time. I miss that work environment. I remember a time when I actually liked going into work, where it was fun and not all catty. We are all women where I work just just imagine what that is like. So for now, I am going to continue to love my Saturdays!



Anonymous said...

since i live in oregon, the nike world head quarters is here. i used to date someone who worked for their internal audit department. their parties though, were always held at their director's house - which was like 6500 square feet of indoor living - it was like one of those houses on mtv's cribs!

Claire Kiefer said...

I adore the beach, but at Christmas I want to be in cold weather. What I really want is snow! But that's not gonna happen in California. I'm envious of holiday parties like the one you attended--how cute is that photobooth pic??

Anonymous said...

i love that pic from M's xmas party!