Thursday, December 2, 2010

hugTO's Cookies & Champagne party

This past Tuesday, I attended the Hip + Urban Girl Guide's Cookies and Champagne party. The event took place at Arta Gallery in the Distillery District. For more details about the event, check it out here.

 Distillery District

Before going to the party, I met up with Kathy and we decided to have some dinner at Boiler House. Kathy and I have probably known each other for almost 10 years but although we have partied together and been at birthday parties and all other types of social events with mutual friends, we never really got a chance to get to know one another. Now through blogging and tweeting, I have a second chance at getting to know her. Tonight was a great opportunity to actually speak in person and it was fun. We have a lot more in common than we thought. 

 My dinner - Pan seared black grouper with paella

 Kat's dinner - halibut with risotto

 Yours truly with my date for the night, Kathy (sorry for the crappy photo, I had to take it myself)


Although I love taking photos with my iPhone, I am not very good at pulling out an actual camera and taking the time to capture decent photos. Here are a couple of quick shots of the spread for the cookie exchange.

And here are my contribution to the cookie exchange, Skor bars. I know that they are not cookies but everyone who tries them seems to love them so why not share it with a bunch of strangers? The catch, I will never share the recipe!!!

The evening went by quickly. After getting a photo taken by the event sponsor, Hotmail, grabbing a glass of champagne and looking at the vendors selling some of their goods, there wasn't much time for networking. The cookie exchange took up most of the night but it was nice to go home with a variety of homemade treats.

I did make one purchase. I have been wanting a feathered headband for quite some time but never found the right one. Finally, I found it through one of the vendors at the event, featherband.

I finally got to meet Angie (from Mommy Doings) and Marlen James (from Marlen James Boudoir Photography). I met Charmaine (from Ketchum PR) and Sissy (from Wales Wong Photography) and caught up with @foodieyu and @sweetmonimons. Thanks to Lisa and Wendy for putting on this great event.

For more photos from Cookies and Champagne party, click here and here.


The Food Junkie said...

So good seeing you again! =)

Anonymous said...

OMG i look like a freaking giant next to you.

Had a great time! Din again early Jan!

Anonymous said...

food, Food, FOOD. i LOVE food, and desserts, sweet treats, etc. etc. so, i wasn't the 10,000 hit - can i still get a treat anyway?! LOL

Elisse said...

Looks like there was a good turn out at the event! Always exciting when you get to go with a fun gf ;)

Love your outfit in the last photo!

Marz said...

I had such a craving for sweets tonight that I was so happy I found a Twix bar my sister had given me that I had stashed in the pantry. But I was REALLY wanting something baked like cupcakes. Then I see this post...and it makes my craving return! Everything looks SO good! I wish I had one of your Skor Bars right now! What a fun night :)And your dinner looked so good - grouper is SO delicious!
I love, love, love your outfit, jewelry and your hair in that photo! Your waist is so tiny! You look beautiful!

Angie said...

It was really really great to finally meet you to... it so bizarre how you think you really know someone because you've been following their blog. You and Kat were fantastic... can't wait til we socialise again. :)