Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My weekend (Dec 10-12)

With Christmas approaching, weekends are filled with lots of parties and just getting together with friends and family.  My weekend started off with my husband`s holiday work party. The venue was The Warehouse in Downsview Park...it`s in the middle of nowhere but if you decorate it properly, it`s a great place to throw a party. Encore Catering catered the event. My company uses them for our programs so I know that the food is always good. And then there was a cool photo booth - see our photo here. We didn`t stay late but we would have love to because the entertainment crew they hired was so hype. Unfortunately, I forgot the company name. Mike`s got some cool co-workers. I miss having co-workers that you actually can joke around with and also have fun with. I probably mentioned before, in my company there are 12 women, so just imagine the craziness/cattiness that is polluting my work environment.

Another reason we went home early from the party is that our niece and nephew were coming early in the morning to hang out with us. My SIL and her husband, dropped off the kids and off they went to do what they needed to do. The little boy, Blake was okay for the first two minutes and then started to freak out when he realized that his mom and dad were not following him. See, he has never been to our place and is only know recognizing us. We rarely see him because the family lives so far. His sister, Belle calmed him down and soothed him. We had asked her if she could make her baby brother stop crying and she said no, but she would give it a try. She was amazing! We were proud of her and she was proud of herself. She said she was able to do it because she believed in herself. Adorable! After Blake got his bearings, it was Mickey mouse pancake time. This kid must have eaten all the pancakes I cooked...

We threw in Toy Story 3 for them to watch and they just sat there, like good kids and watched. I took advantage of this quiet time to bake some skor bars and make jello shots for the Wong Christmas party we had to go to later at night. Blake got restless so he helped Mike decorate the tree but also kept occupied by playing with the magnets on the fridge. Belle started tearing because there was a part in Toy Story 3 that was "so sad", and decided to help the boys decorate the tree. When it was time to watch Princess and the Frog, Uncle Mick made a tent for them.

Later, Mike's parents came over with some food and my SIL & BIL came to pick up the kids. It was an exhausting afternoon but we had a great time with the little ones. We immediately took a nap and then watched Easy A before getting ready for the party.

This is an awesome movie. I didn't think it would be but it's hilarious and has a feel good ending - what more can you ask for? Emma Stone pulled off the character, Olive to a tee. I now wish I had watched it in the theatre.

Later in the evening, it was off to the Wong Christmas Party. The Wong family throw this party (plus a summer one) every year. My brother use to always be invited so I am quite honoured that they would invite me, my hubby and Maureen. I know that we can't replaced his presence but I love the fact that I have taken over Gino's tradition of bringing the jello shots. We toasted Gino with the shots and had a fun time making punch. The punch was a little gross so I think next time, I will bring some ingredients to make it more palatable. Anyway, when I walked into their house, I saw two of my doppelgangers. Don't you love our asian tourist photo pose?

Sunday was a day of rest. The hubby and I watched Love Actually and Home Alone 2 and waited for the big snowstorm to hit, which it never did. Overall, it was a great weekend. Now it's time to get through this week of work so I can enjoy another fun-filled weekend.

How was your weekend? 

{p.s. happy birthday Dianne!}


Anonymous said...

you girls have perfect bangs! iii loooveeee it! super cute photo! pretty ladies!

my name is lauren. said...

sounds like a fun weekend! love the photo booth pictures :). and what a fun auntie you are - mickey mouse pancakes an all. ha!

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

I liked Easy A, too. Sounds like you had quite a day. I mean, Mickey Mouse pancakes and Jell-o shots?! ;)

Maureen said...

what a fun filled weekend! great idea to bring ingrediants for the punch! lemme do it, since you always bring the jello shots & skor bars.

Kasey Lynne said...

those photobooth pictures are SO cute! sounds like your hubby's party was fun!

your niece and nephew are SOOO adorable. especially in that tent. so precious!

The Food Junkie said...

I watched Easy A on the weekend too! It was actually my second time watching it (first time in theaters) Loved the movie :) I really like Emma Stone now :)

bananas. said...

i heard that movie was good...and funny! i must see it!!

i also must have those yummy looking mickey pancakes. how cute are those?!

JMJE said...

Is sounds like you had a good weekend. I want to watch EasyA. Maybe I'll do it over xmas break.

Marz said...

What a fun weekend!

Love the adorable and fun photo booth pics of you and your hubby :) I use to work in sales with a bunch of catty women and I do not miss that drama one bit!

Your niece and nephew are SOOO precious! What beautiful children!

I am glad you said something about "Easy A" because I prob would have skipped it if you hadn't given it such a good review. It def didn't seem like a kind of movie I would like, but I'll def. put it on my rental list.

Love the Asian touristy pic - sooooo jealous of all your beautiful hair!