Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter = ugly

You know when people ask you when you feel most beautiful. Well, I am going to talk about when I feel most ugly...

Some people love winter - they love the falling snow, the snow on the trees, the snow on the ground, etc. I will admit, I am NOT a fan of winter. I was born in Yellowknife, NWT and Whitehorse, YT but I have since escaped their brutual winters. I have lived through months of snow and blizzards but just because I have experienced it, doesn't mean I have to like it.

When winter arrives, I feel like my fashion goes out the door. Gone are the cute little dresses and fancy heels. In come the big parkas, warm mitts, fluffy scarves, clunky boots - none of these are attractive. Unless I didn't get the memo on how to look beautiful and dress like you are on a runway, I find I feel most ugly during this dreadful season.

Here's what makes me feel ugly as the cold climate approaches:
  • Big winter coats that make you look 10 lbs heavier.
  • Mitts/gloves that make it hard to use an iPhone.
  • Hats that make your hair all staticky.
  • Boots that are so heavy and soaking wet from trugging through the snow.
  • Dry, chapped lips that make it impossible to wear lipstick.
  • Dry, ashy hands with rough cuticles and lots of hang nails.
  • Huge sweaters that create an unflattering shape to your body.
So, unless you have some tips on how to look HOT in the winter, I am claiming the winter season, ugly time. Please help me find a way to look dashing while the snow is coming down.

Why can't I look this hot during the winter season?

Okay, someone said the Blake Lively photo is probably from the Fall,
so here is a photo of a girl looking totally fabulos in the snow.

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Anonymous said...

first off, that lady looks awesome because it's not winter but fall. I analyzed the pic and realized that:

1. there's no snow on the ground
2. she's probably in Florida or something where their lowest winter temperatures are about 15 degrees.

If I lived in a city with such balmy winter temps, I'd look fab like that too.

I agree with you totally; I HATE the winter. It doesn't help that I totally let myself go because everything is covered up, by that I mean I'm not as diligent with shaving my legs, my feet are a trainwreck and let's not forget about my post about my scary pits. I feel sorry for my husband who has to deal with this ugliness!

The Food Junkie said...

I HATE winter.

Yes you can dress like that and look beautiful but you will be cold and will most likely CATCH a cold the next day wearing that :) I'd rather look pudgier haha

Nikolett said...

I am in TOTAL agreement. I recently got earmuffs to avoid the staticy hair from hats but I have no one way to get rid of horrible chapped/cold sore lips and I hate the feeling of gross, slushed-up boots. Blehhh. To me, holidays and getting time off school/work are the brighest parts of the winter!

Elisse said...

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of winter either, but I try and offset the yuckiness by finding cute winter jackets to wear! LOL!

Maureen said...

booo to winter! btw, you still look HOT in the winter!

Marz said...

Leesh I'm pretty sure you look hot all year round! And the picture from the post "There's a Party in my Tummy" confirms that - I mean who else could look hot in a Nike hoodie? You always make things look trendy - even snuggies!! :)